gen z

GEN Z, Spirituality & Tik Tok

Gen Z is called the post-1997 generation, the first generation that was literally born and raised in digital life.   GEN Z features GEN Z, always online, uses technology to express themselves uniquely and create dialogue with their community. GEN Z knows what it wants, sets its limits, highlights diversity, prefers to use the neutral

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ups and downs

How to reduce ups & downs

When your moods change frequently Do you feel good one moment and bad the next, with nothing in between? Do you change moods for no particularly good reason? You are never sure how you’re going to feel about everything in the next hour. Is your psychology a continuous roller coaster? We are not referring to

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Business rises, challenges rise

If you are an entrepreneur, you must have gone through many experiences from the moment you thought of setting up your business, until today. The obvious goal was for your idea and your business to succeed and you made it happen. Your business gets more and more customers and gains a good reputation through the

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