Kundalini Syndrome: Symptoms and Risks You Should Take Seriously

The word Kundalini in Sanskrit means “coiled serpent”. Kundalini energy is the most powerful primordial energy of the universe (energy of manifestation). A big reserve of this energy is coiled like a snake at the base of his spine.

As Osho said in his speech: “When you see a snake sleeping, it is as if it is dead; it does not move at all and is coiled up. You cannot perceive that the snake can stand, but a snake can stand. It can stand on its tail, upright, straight; a snake can stand, like energy. That is why it is used as a symbol.  The power of the serpent is used as symbolism. Your life energy is encircled and asleep, but it can stand. If it can awaken, realizing its full potential, then you will be transformed.”

Also, according to Krishna: “kundalini is responsible for life itself, sex drive, creativity, intelligence, longevity and vigor and our evolution towards our ultimate, sublime state of consciousness.”

What happens when the Kundalini energy is activated

Kundalini energy lies dormant within every human being, and it is possible to awaken it either through conscious effort or violently and unexpectedly. When the Kundalini energy is awakened, it rises up like a snake and activates all the chakras. Thus man experiences the peak of his consciousness.

Symptoms of Kundalini Energy Awakening

The symptoms of awakening the Kundalini energy vary greatly from person to person. Some usual symptoms are as follows:

  • You have an otherworldly experience.
  • You feel a movement in the root chakra (base chakra). It’s like a warm/hot thick energy that goes up the spine
  • Your senses are more intense: you hear sounds differently, smell smells differently, see colors more vividly
  • You do yoga poses, and express yourself physically and verbally in ways you didn’t even know existed before
  • You feel absolute peace, your mind is naturally emptied of all thoughts, your breath stops unconsciously
  • Opens the third eye chakra. You have insight and healing abilities, ability to psychokinesis and telepathy
  • You feel bliss and joy
  • New channels of creativity open up within you
  • You feel the vibrations and energy running through your entire body
  • You receive messages from spirit guides
  • It is as if the world is talking to you, as if all secrets are revealed to you
  • You live your full potential
  • You find your ultimate purpose in life
  • You experience bright visions
  • You connect with Oneness
  • You are Love and Light
  • You are in a trance

Kenneth Ring in 1984 was the first Western researcher of spirituality to link Kundalini awakening with the afterlife experience.

What you should watch out for

Awakening the Kundalini energy carries risks, which is why even spiritual masters may shy away from it. In the past, only the “chosen” were chosen from a group to prepare him for the awakening, since this in the body of an emotionally weak and unbalanced person can be particularly dangerous.

Therefore, be careful:

  • There is always the risk that, in your attempt, the Kundalini energy will be awakened and get stuck in the lower chakras.
  • It is important that the awakening takes place if you feel completely prepared, if you have been completely purified from evil. Kundalini energy sheds light on what is already inside you whether positive or negative.

Therefore, before you try to induce Kundalini awakening with exercises, you should clearly see your personality, clean the “parasites”, expel all evil. If there is still “dirty energy” in your chakras, the awakening will manifest negatively, almost violently, with an excess, on a physical and psychological level. It can, e.g. become hypersexual, hypersensitive or very aggressive.

  • If your body is not fully prepared, then it may not be able to withstand such an increase in energy intensity
  • If you are not fully prepared, and you do not cause the awakening step by step so that you have the basis to receive it, you will not even know how to manage, even its positive symptoms. Therefore, choose the methodical process, which will be done with dedication, patience and discipline, without exaggeration and under proper guidance.
  • Practice all types of yoga and not just Kundalini yoga. Do not rush, do not push the result, do not force things

After years of spiritual practice, the awakening occurs with a safer and healthier way, imparting the true light of bliss and vitality in all its dimensions. Remember that only if you are pure, will your motive be pure and only then will the All be able to permeate as truly pure energy through you. To become one with Oneness, you must have already shed all traces of the Ego.

As Grand Master Choa Kok Sui said:

“If a spiritual practitioner does not undergo thorough internal purification, negative qualities and weaknesses will return to haunt the ˈchelaˈ. This will manifest a spiritual decline.”

What is Kundalini Syndrome?

The awakening of the Kundalini energy in a person, who is not properly prepared, can create very serious physical, psychological, emotional, spiritual problems.

These problems, as a whole or in parts, are called Kundalini Syndrome.

Specifically, the Kundalini Syndrome has some or all of the following symptoms:

  • Physical problems, which the patient experiences as real, such as: vertigo, heart problems (palpitations), nervous problems, headaches, gastrointestinal disorders
  • Sudden increase in internal body temperature, tingling, itching, stinging, chills or pain in different parts of the body
  • Changes in eating habits and sleep
  • Different sensation in the experience of sex
  • Hypersensitivity and exhaustion
  • Uncontrollable laughing or crying
  • Mental confusion, foggy concentration
  • Intense emotional and psychological changes: anxiety, fear of death, agitation, a kind of madness
  • Intense changes and life “lessons”, such as a financial disaster
  • Creating images and sounds of a paranormal environment, symbiosis with invisible souls
  • Mental problems, psychotic disorders
  • Lack of grounding
  • Uncontrolled out of body experiences

It is difficult when dealing with the negative symptoms of Kundalini Syndrome to find the right doctor, since Western medicine does not recognize the Kundalini energy or even the right spiritual teacher to help you.

It is even more difficult if you yourself have not realized that what is happening to you is the Kundalini Syndrome, but you experience its symptoms as problems of a biological or neurological nature.

How to deal with it

  • Do intense exercise like calisthenics
  • Walk barefoot
  • Take nature walks in the forest
  • Stop for some time your daily practice of any kind of meditation
  • Take a bath with salt daily (as many times as you need)
  • Take up gardening
  • Get better sleep habits. Sleep early, sleep enough
  • Avoid coffee, tea, alcohol, drugs
  • Use the healing power of crystals such as Larimar (or Dolphinstone) to help cope with change. Larimar acts as a soothing, calming, cleansing and gentle caress to the manifestation of a deeper, peaceful inner wisdom. Also try flint which helps ground and reduce chakra hyperactivity. Aquamarina may also help you relax and feel inner peace. Hematite, black tourmaline, obsidian can help ground you.

Difference between Kundalini energy and Kundalini yoga

Kundalini energy is different from Kundalini yoga. As we said, the Kundalini energy exists dormant within every human being.

All types of yoga can contribute to the awakening of the Kundalini energy. Kundalini yoga (laja yoga) is a dynamic type of yoga that properly prepares the body and spirit for kundalini awakening. If practiced correctly, it mimizes risks and provides the general positive benefits of yoga such as calmness, clarity and a sense of joy.

Energy Healing – Your Growth Guide

The energy treatments of Your Growth Guide locate and clean the “dirty” energy, strengthen the weak chakras and contribute to their balance. They illuminate and transform your energy.

They are a unique tool in your spiritual journey, so that your every step is done with safety, and proper guidance.

Paraphrasing Cavafy’s poem “Ithaca”.

    As you set out for awakening,

    hope your road is a long one,

    full of adventure, full of discovery.






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