Do you worry all the time?

Some times in our lives, we all feel some kind of worrying especially under touch circumstances under intense pressure and stress.

There are people who worry all the time and usually for no real obvious reason. These people see the everyday events of life as a real threat, because they always have in mind the worst case scenario, the worst outcome.

Their worrying is persistent and excessive, and no matter how much they acknowledge it, it does not cease to make them suffer.

Most of the times, they act as if they are preparing for an impending disaster.

We could say that their concern is also an attempt to control everything, a preassessment of all possible situations or outcomes.

They try to have all the answers, but these answers focus on the negative.

It is no coincidence that intense, constant worry is associated with the 5th chakra, the throat chakra, which is about communication, logic and linear thinking.  Worry has to do with the fear of what will happen in the future (if, how, etc.). It is also associated with overthinking.

The mind goes from the disappointments of the past to the anxieties of the future. The person is possessed by self-limiting perceptions, feels that he has no purpose, underestimates his powers, feels anxiety, anguish, insecurity, fear.

The imbalance in energy that worry brings also negatively affects the solar plexus chakra. For this reason many people who have anxiety have problems with their stomach and digestion.

An “antidote” to worry is calmness, trust, living in the present, and going with the flow. When the inner third eye is open it offers wisdom, insight, strong intuition. The person has confidence in himself and his abilities, he has the will and courage to face any challenge that comes his way.

Really, how are you feeling at this time?

Are you afraid that every day the end of the world could come, for the most trivial reason, because your boss yelled at you or because you just forgot to get milk for your children at home?

Are you constantly defensive and fearful, full of stress, closed in yourself, like a shield against life itself?

Ask yourself the following questions and answer them honestly:

  • Do I feel constant worry?
  • Is there a specific reason I feel constant anxiety?
  • Is this a serious reason for me to feel so worried?
  • Do I lack confidence in myself and my abilities?
  • Why don’t I have confidence in myself and my abilities?
  • How can I feel more confident in myself and my strengths?
  • How can I open up to the world more willingly and boldly?

Go with the flow. Live in the present. Have confidence in yourself and faith.

Empower your third eye with positive affirmations that you say out loud to yourself every day, such as:

  • I acknowledge my life’s purpose
  • I am open to the universe
  • I trust my intuition
  • I know that I have the power to succeed

Take time for yourself to meditate alone or with the help of crystals, mainly of purple colour.

But most of all, come and talk about what you’re feeling. Let’s do the right energy therapy for you that will unblock those anxious thoughts and release your most powerful, confident self.

Energy healing can will work in addition to other healing modalities like psychotherapy.

Through it we will reduce (and may even eliminate) your constant worry, restoring the good flow of energy to your chakras. In this way, we will bring back to light part of you, the one that experiences life with wisdom, calmness and deep trust in the flow of life itself.

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