Orgonites Myths and Truths

Lately there has been a lot of talk about orgonites and orgone therapy.

The reason is that the modern demands on the human body are enormous. We breathe dirty air, drink poor quality water, eat food poor in nutrients and energy, are bombarded by radiation and are called to work at crazy rates full of stress. Orgonites can act supportively and alleviate these issues.

The internet has given the platform to many people to talk about orgonites, and attribute specific properties to them. In the context of commercialization there are people who claim that Orgonites have almost magical properties. So let’s see according to the vast majority of experts which of what is said about the orgonites is true and which are myths.

Before we start let’s see a short definition…

What is orgonite?

Modern orgonite is a construction containing organic materials (usually resin), inorganic materials (usually metals), and crystals. The Austrian psychoanalyst Wilhelm Reich created the “ancestor” of the orgonite, which was an orgone accumulator in the form of a “wardrobe”. It collected the etheric energy of the environment, whether clean or dirty energy, the healer entered and his energy was enhanced. This in some cases brought excellent self-healing results.

Later this construction became smaller, more practical and more sophisticated. The problem of dirty energy build-up was addressed by adding crystals. Crystals have the ability to transform energy into another vibration. Therefore, in the first orgonites of this form, in addition to the combination of resin and metals in a ratio of 50/50, they also put quartz crystals. Nowadays, real orgonites (rather than decorative liquid glass constructions mislabeled as orgonite) use metals such as copper, brass, aluminum, and crystals such as quartz, tourmaline, suggite, and more.

“Orgonites contribute to energy protection”

If you have seen science fiction movies (like Star Trek) you will have noticed the electromagnetic shield effect. When the vessel is attacked the first line of defense is the electromagnetic shield. In humans, the equivalent could be said to be the aura. If something negative penetrates the protection provided by the aura it may harm the body.

Orgonite enhances the aura of a space. It also enhances a person’s aura. More specifically, if we want to protect a house, we place crystals around the outside of the house to protect it. Of course, we can also place them in the rooms that we want to protect more from psychic attacks, negative skeptomorphs, etc. If we have them closer to our body then they strengthen our aura to provide us with better protection.

There are specific crystals that we can put in an orgonite e.g. obsidian, sugite… to provide better protection. The size, shape and intention with which the orgonite was made are some of the factors that affect its effectiveness.

“Orgonites reduce EMF radiation”

This is a huge myth about orgonites. There are measuring instruments that we can measure electromagnetic radiation. In experiments that have been done orgonites do not reduce electromagnetic radiation. Exceptions are some materials that can reduce radiation and electromagnetic pollution such as iron oxides (read: ). For this reason some orgonite makers use iron oxide. There are other manufacturers who avoid it because energetically they create something that is not liked by some who use them (unwanted – heavy energy).

But orgonites do something very positive for protection (not reduction) from EMF radiation. They boost a person’s aura (as long as they are nearby) so they can protect themselves from radiation. With the Kirlian photography method the influence of orgonite on the aura can be documented.

It is also thought to make the EMF energy waves more bio-compatible but this is not proven.

“Orgonites reduce geopathic stress”

Geopathic stress can cause many long-term problems in the human body. Some feel it as a heavy energy, it can affect their sleep, mood and make them vulnerable to illness. There are ancient structures that have been found in places with geopathic stress (apparently to reduce it). It’s a big topic that we don’t have time to open.

With the radioesthesia method, it has been measured that orgonites can directly reduce geopathic stress. The bigger the orgonites the better. It plays a big role to be above the geopathic stress point. This does not mean that orgonite is the only way. There are other techniques such as e.g. the use of copper wires in a specific arrangement and direction.

“Orgonites don’t need cleaning”

Here we have a gray zone. It is a similar case with crystals. If e.g. take a large pebble of tourmaline and use it for a bruise, we probably won’t need to clean it, especially if the next time will be after 1 month. But if we use it regularly for treatments (especially of other people) we should clean it constantly (ideally after each treatment). Otherwise we will energetically pollute a lot of people…

Similarly, orgonites have a “ceiling” for how much dirty energy they can clean in a certain period of time. If we put a large orgonite pyramid (eg 1 kg) in a small room relatively clean energetically we will probably never need to clean it. Due to their composition and perhaps some crystals it includes (such as selenite, kyanite) it will remain in good condition for a long time.

However, if we use the orgonite in a very energetically dirty place, it is good to clean it afterwards. If e.g. we put it in a living room where there are often fights, it is good to clean it every week (maybe even every day depending on the fight)! If we use it for energy therapy, it also needs regular cleaning. If we wear it on us the same.

It can clean like crystals e.g. put it in salt for more than 10 minutes and then remove it and rinse it. We usually charge it in the Sun or the Moon. Ask its manufacturer for instructions.

“The bigger the orgonite the better”

So much better for what? There is a golden ratio in everything. If we want to support a large living room we will not put a small orgonite of 5 cm. Size certainly plays an important role there. On the other hand, there is also the opposite! If we put a large orgonite in the bedroom we may not be able to sleep normally. If we constantly wear a large orgonite it can have various side effects not only on our psychological state but also on the body.

In case you want to do energy therapy an orgonite e.g. 5 cm will be stronger than a small pebble crystal. But don’t leave it for too long because it might cause discomfort.

“The more expensive the orgonite materials the better”

This is similar to many other industries and the rumors going around. It wants knowledge and critical thinking.

There are certainly expensive materials that have properties that are difficult to find elsewhere. Gold, silver and titanium are some of the expensive materials found in orgonites, and they have unique properties. It depends on what we want to achieve. You don’t need e.g. gold to enhance the aura. Gold is Yang while silver is Yin, so neither is better than the other. Additionally if a manufacturer puts 2-3 gold in an orgonite it does not automatically mean that it is better than orgonites that do not have gold. Things are more complex.

The same goes for crystals. There are cheap crystals e.g. sodalite and more expensive e.g. lapis lazuli. There are also expensive crystals/minerals like herkimer diamonds or many expensive ones like moldavite. Their use depends on the desired result. Moldavite is excellent for meditation, healing but never for grounding.

The amount and weight of the crystals is a very important factor. A small amethyst “chip” has a different power compared to a 2 cm piece.

The knowledge of the maker, the energy of the maker and the space, the passion (love/care/detail) play a very important role. Imagine what a good chef can achieve with “humble” ingredients.

“Orgonite helps to be grounded”

It can also be taken off… The intention with which it was made, the metals, the crystals, the shape, the place we place it, play a big role in the result.

For example, if we put an orgonite containing clear quartz above our head, it will affect the crown chakra more than the base chakra. If its shape is a pyramid, it will tend to take the energy upwards. If it contains low vibration crystals e.g. jasper, agate will help ground us.

So read what the manufacturer says the orgonite you want to buy does, and use your judgment.

“Orgonites align the chakras”

This is similar to the previous topic. The “alignment” of the chakras has to do with bringing them into balance, i.e. not covering one chakra with the other with its energy. What orgonite we need for alignment has to do with our natural inclination regarding the chakras. If for example we like to constantly use our imagination, meditate, have philosophical discussions but have trouble making our ideas a reality, we probably need a crystal for grounding and specifically for the base chakra.

Caution: Orgonites are not the magic pill. They act supportively. They are valuable allies.

“It’s good to sleep with the orgonite you wear”

It depends on what we want to achieve. If we often have nightmares an orgonite of sweet protection e.g. with amethyst and tourmaline, can aid sleep. If we don’t have a problem sleeping, it’s good not to have orgonite constantly when we sleep, because it will take us away from our natural tendency. Can e.g. to prevent us from doing astral travel.

If we sometimes want to change our sleep experience, e.g. to have more lucid dreams (lucid dreaming), sleeping some days with orgonite is an interesting experience. Ask the manufacturer about which orgonite they recommend for this matter. Be careful not to become addicted to orgonite.

Make sure to clean the orgonite you sleep with every day. Sleep is a special state of consciousness, and your ally must be in perfect condition.

“Orgonite sucks/steals energy from its environment”

There is some truth to this statement, but it is part of the overall picture. What orgonite does is that it initially takes energy from its environment (the original theory said that it takes negative energy, but the truth is that it also takes positive energy. What it will take and in what proportion has to do with many factors) . This energy can be from the air (air prana), the earth, the sun, etc. It then transforms this energy into a more positive and “colored” one with certain properties, and channels it back into the environment. In other words, it is a useful energy transformer.

“Orgonite can cause side effects”

Yes! This is something you won’t hear often but it makes common sense if you think about it. When you “play” with energy it has an impact. We mentioned before some side effects like putting too strong orgonites in the bedroom, using orgonites intensively that we don’t cleanse, wearing the wrong orgonites that detune the chakras.

So you need to be careful which orgonite you buy depending on what you want to achieve. Ask the manufacturer and do your research ESPECIALLY if it is orgonite that you will be wearing.

“Orgonites help in meditation”

It’s true! When someone meditates, they usually do it to calm down, reduce stress, clear the mind, imagine something they want. In spirituality we meditate in order to achieve union with something higher.

There are crystals that help with all purposes such as selenite, leadolite, smoky, tourmaline, amethyst and others. Orgonite is an energy-transforming construct that contains one or more crystals. So it’s like meditating with crystals on an alchemical construct called orgonite.

Orgonite will provide the impetus to deepen the meditation. If we use orgonites with high vibration crystals they can help us have unprecedented experiences…

“The energy of orgone is due to the piezoelectric effect”

Myth! In some circles of people experimenting with orgonites this view arose and slowly spread as a myth. It is not, and we will see it with a simple and relevant example. If we take a simple lighter to spark the match, we have to press it to turn the metal on the match and make the sparks. As soon as we stop pressing and turning it, the sparks stop. Similarly if we press hard on a crystal at that moment it will create a small charge which will then go away. We have to constantly press it, release it, and press it again to keep it producing a small stream of energy. This practically does not exist in orgonites (even in those with polyester resin). You should have it in your hand and pulse it!

This also dispels the myth that polyester resin is preferable to liquid glass. Liquid glass also has the advantage of being safer for human health.

“The denser the orgonite the better”

There isn’t much data on this, but there have been some brave experimenters who have had their say.

The basic principle is that the ratio of organic and inorganic materials is 50/50.

Some manufacturers break the crystals they put into orgonites because that way they have more surface area that comes into contact with the environment. In other words, they believe that if the surface is larger, the energy of the environment will be transformed more quickly into a more positive one. There is some basis behind this view but there is also the counter argument that a larger crystal is stronger than smaller crystals of the same total weight. One positive of the smaller crystals though is that you can make Crystal Arrangements (with whatever benefit) in a small build, and have a greater variety of crystals.

I personally have not formed an opinion on this and would like to hear your comments.

Let’s go to the topic of metals. Empirically, it has been observed that the smaller the metal shavings, the more difficult is the flow of energy through them. But this is not necessarily a bad thing. Let’s see it with a related example. In a filter, if we put coarse grains, the water will pass through it easily, and the biggest particles will be retained. The smaller we make the particles in the filter, the smaller the flow, but the more harmful garbage we catch. If we overdo it with very fine particles the water will hardly pass through drop by drop, unless we increase the water pressure A LOT. In fact, a “trick” is to put the coarser particles on the outside of the filter, and activated carbon on the inside. So there is a golden ratio in how dense the filter is according to the water pressure we can have.

For this reason if we use very fine metal filings or metal powder, we should do so under the condition that it will be placed in a place with high pressure/energy flow. The layer should not be too thick because it will “clump”. Such powdered orgonites are often used in orgonite pendants (placed near chakras) or healing (placed on places with a lot of dirty energy).

In orgonites that are for meant for a room, the use of fine metal dust has no particular benefit.

“It’s the best way to energize water”

There are many ways to charge water. It is important to think about what kind of energy quality we want to put into the water. Do we want it to lift us up? We will put it in the Sun for many hours. Do we want it to relax us? We’ll put it on the Moon.

We can also use crystals. For example we can make an arrangement with transparent quartz spikes around the perimeter pointing towards the water glass or bottle we want to charge. It may take from 5′ to over 1 hour depending on the weight of crystals and water.

The most practical way to charge water is with an orgonite made for this purpose. Ask the maker for what purpose he made the orgonite. Is it relatively neutral with copper and clear quartz, or does it have a complex structure and do something special? You can also have 2 orgonites for charging water (one in the morning and one in the evening). Try it and you will remember me.

Personally, charging water with orgonite is one of my favorite habits. The difference it makes is very noticeable!

“They can be used for energy healing”

Yes, and indeed we call it orgone therapy.

Orgone therapy is like Crystal Healing but enhanced for all the above reasons. Crystal healers often use small pebble size crystals, which are fine but not very powerful. If someone has developed their energy body they can Level Up and try bigger crystals or orgonites. However, if your energy body is not clean, they can cause you side effects.

Healing orgonites are powerful tools in the right hands. If you want to try them I suggest asking for guidance. Also make sure you have a clean energy diet (rich in plant-based foods and ideally vegetarian). It’s not necessary but it’s definitely ideal.

I hope this article was quite enlightening. If you want to see my orgonites click here .

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