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Kirlian Aura Photography

Do you want to see what your Aura and Chakras are like? The most scientifically documented way of photographing a person’s aura is Kirlian photography.

Each finger is placed successively on the Crownscope 2 device and then through special software we see the aura, the state of the energy centers (Chakras), and a host of other information about the main organs of your body.

It is an excellent tool for the energetic prevention of diseases and the strengthening of self-awareness.

What is an Aura?

In practice the physical body that we see with our eyes is not only surrounded by but also located within this aura. In the past, to see this aura one had to be a clairvoyant. Thanks to the development of technology with the Kirlian photography method, it is now possible for anyone to “photograph” this aura.

How aura photography works ​

Our beliefs are what influence our behaviors, our every action. What we eat, how much and when we eat, how we exercise (if we exercise), how well we sleep, the thoughts we think from the moment we wake up in the morning, stress levels and much more affect our health.

Modern science recognizes that the human body is not a simple biochemical machine. All of the above that we mentioned affect the expression of our genes (Epigenetics), our hormones, metabolism, etc. So what you are believing, thinking, feeling and doing that’s where YOUR POWER is!

Why is it useful

The state of the aura, its size, density, and uniformity are not random. Any change in emotional state, thought patterns, energy blockages, etc. are reflected in the aura. In practice the energy body is affected first and then after some time (maybe even months or years) we see the difference in the physical body. For this reason, aura photography is a valuable tool for disease prevention.

There are cases where through imbalances of the aura, and blockages in energy channels, we can identify situations that, if prolonged, can lead to problems in the teeth, lungs, digestive system, immunity, etc. This makes a lot of sense if you think about it… 

What happens when we don’t give a lot of energy to a device? It does not work or does not work satisfactorily. If, for example, we have reduced energy in the first base chakra, it is possible that if we ignore it for a long time, future issues with the myoskeletal system and the overall body energy will arise. Some of the first symptoms of base chakra deficiency usually start at the legs and pelvis .

Kirlian photography is quick and painless. You practically place your fingers on a special plate, and the machine takes the photo. There are over 200 international studies on the method, and Bioentech has a track record of 12+ years of success.

What it shows

In addition to your aura photo, Crownscope displays a number of useful informational reports about a person’s health and personality from an energetic point of view.

Energy Status

Through this report we see the size of the aura, symmetry, possible lack or congestion of energy in some places. There is a misconception that only a lack of energy (the hole in the aura) is a problem, while the truth is that too much energy can also cause problems. Imagine, for example, water that stagnates for a long time, what a source of contamination it can become.

Energy Centers – Chakras

In this report we see for the 7 main energy centers, how much energy they have and if there is an imbalance/asymmetry. All the Chakras must be in a straight line, i.e. there must be balance and harmony. This will be reflected in your health, psychological and emotional state, but also in the balance in your life in general.
This diagram objectively and scientifically shows exactly where the imbalance exists. In our meeting I explain what this means in practice, what may have caused it, and what you can do about it.

Energy Distribution

This particular report shows in great detail about every important part of the body e.g. colon if there is an energy imbalance. This in turn may mean that you have to immediately go to a doctor to prescribe certain examinations. The good thing about assessing “bioenergy” is that we can suspect some problems before they become physical. (Energy photography is not a diagnosis and does not replace medical examinations).


This report shows what phase you are in regarding your physical, emotional, mental state. It also shows how favorable your biorhythm days are for good intuition.

Adaptability to environmental conditions & stress

A very interesting chart. It objectively shows you whether you burn out from stress, if you are “leaking energy”, or whether you easily manage the situations that surround you. It’s a little alarm bell that when it’s in red reminds you to slow down, rest and let go.

Energy Personality Profile

After collecting data from your aura, Crownscope’s software is able to show what your natural inclination is, how aligned you are with it, and what you can do to become even more aligned and experience more joy and fulfillment.

As can see from the above, aura photography with the Crownscope 2 gives a wealth of information about your energy health and what you should watch out for.

How much does it cost

The basic package for photographing your aura costs €60. 

The full package costs €100, and it includes consulting. This means that after the aura photography we discuss the findings, what may have caused them and what you can do to improve your aura and energy health. You will also get an email with written suggestions.

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My name is Karolos Tsiligirian and I am the founder of GIM Agency and Your Growth Guide. I am a certified Master Life Coach and have dedicated my life to business and personal development with the goal of helping as many people as I can succeed and have a happier life.

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“Ανυπομονώ για τα email σας κάθε φορά που κυκλοφορείτε νέο περιεχόμενο - καταλήγω να τα προωθώ σε τουλάχιστον 4 ή 5 διαφορετικά άτομα, επειδή έχουν να κάνουν με την πραγματική ζωή, τώρα. ”
“Ανυπομονώ για τα email σας κάθε φορά που κυκλοφορείτε νέο περιεχόμενο - καταλήγω να τα προωθώ σε τουλάχιστον 4 ή 5 διαφορετικά άτομα, επειδή έχουν να κάνουν με την πραγματική ζωή, τώρα. ”
“Ανυπομονώ για τα email σας κάθε φορά που κυκλοφορείτε νέο περιεχόμενο - καταλήγω να τα προωθώ σε τουλάχιστον 4 ή 5 διαφορετικά άτομα, επειδή έχουν να κάνουν με την πραγματική ζωή, τώρα. ”

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