About Me

About Me

Do you want to improve your body and your health? Do you want more energy, strength and maybe to deal with some chronic conditions that bother you?

In the modern age there are many ways to improve health, and every now and then there are new developments that change the facts. The point is which way is best for you, and how you can take action.

All of us have gone through phases in our lives where we want to:

  • solve a complex health issue where conventional techniques have failed
  • lose extra pounds for aesthetic and health reasons
  • add muscle mass for a beautiful and functional body
  • adopt better eating habits
  • have more energy and stamina
  • deal with pain and chronic injuries
  • add more movement into our lives
  • improve our posture
  • get an anti-aging boost
  • reduce brain fog and overcome chronic fatigue

The first step dear friend is to take responsibility for it and understand you can do a lot to improve your health with the right support. But even if you’ve taken responsibility and tried things, there’s still something holding you back…

There are many diets, many types of exercise, and many products that promise miracles. Perhaps you have tried some of them and found that they are not the right solution for you.

The reason is there is a secret kept hidden!

The “secret” is that our self-image, our beliefs, and our habits are what shape the environment around us as well as our body 

Modern holistic medicine studies provide proof there is a strong mind-body connection. In ordet to improve your health a drastic change is needed, and on this beautiful new journey to a better, healthier body I can help you.

Health, well-being is my passion! 

I have made many mistakes, and I have paid for them (in many ways). Through this path I discovered a holistic way of dealing with health issues, which connects the West with the East, the mind with the body.

I will help you gain a clear view on how to handle the health issues that concern you. I will support you and be your personal Health Coach to make your goals a reality.

Healthy Mindset

Our beliefs are what influence our behaviors, our every action. What we eat, how much and when we eat, how we exercise (if we exercise), how well we sleep, the thoughts we think from the moment we wake up in the morning, stress levels and much more affect our health.

Modern science recognizes that the human body is not a simple biochemical machine. All of the above that we mentioned affect the expression of our genes (Epigenetics), our hormones, metabolism, etc. So what you are believing, thinking, feeling and doing that’s where YOUR POWER is!


A basic principle is the principle of homeostasis. What does this mean practically? That your body has the ability to maintain its normal functions at the right levels, as long as the external parameters are within normal limits. By offering the organism the good conditions in its environment it has the ability to heal itself.

By removing the obstacles and optionally providing extra energy the body heals itself more easily (i.e. a physical therapist releasing the trigger points and providing additional energy through Tecar, or the doctor putting the broken bone in place and the body healing it).

So there is a way to get better health if you allow your body to heal itself!

Chronic Health Problems

In modern times, due to lifestyle, lack of exercise, poor diet, stress, many people develop chronic problems such as:

  • tendinopathy
  • fibromyalgia (pains throughout the body)
  • arthritic
  • autoimmune diseases
  • lower back pain (neck, knees, …) that reoccurs frequently
  • tendency to catch flu easily
  • fatigue (despite sleep, supplements, etc.)
  • frequent headaches
  • Irritable Bowel syndrome (IBS)
  • etc.

Modern medicine recognizes that the mechanism that (probably) causes the above is complex and can be linked to diet, exercise, psychological state, the state of the intestinal microbiome, etc.

My core belief is that you shouldn’t settle for these chronic problems and you shouldn’t let them affect your quality of life. There are now many different ways to help one’s health, but the thing is so complicated (and soul-destroying) that a Health Coach can be a valuable Ally .

Experts Network & New Techniques

Noone knows everything and it is a shame that many times different specialties instead of cooperating with each other come into conflict. If they joined forces they could help their client much better.

Another fact worth mentioning is that Science develops at such a crazy pace that one does not have time to be fully aware of all the new therapeutic methods.

For this reason as a Health Coach after we discuss the health problems that concern you, and your goals (eg 15% fat without joint problems, and more energy during the day) I will do research and I’ll put you in touch with valuable information from recent studies (to do your own cross-checking too). I will also bring you into contact with the right health professionals who can help you (nutritionist, psychologist, personal trainer, doctors, physical therapists/chiropractors, alternative healers , etc.).

I can offer you the support you need, the knowledge you are looking for, and the team of partners who can help you. All this in an organized and methodical manner with the aim of safety and maximum effect.

Free Initial Consultation

It’s up to you to improve your health and I can help you.

The first introductory session is FREE and aims to see if you can be helped by Health Coaching. I will then tell you how exactly it can help you overcome any obstacles and make your dream health come true. 

So let’s do it! Next step is to book an appointment at +30-2114112599 or by clicking here.



My vision is to help people like you transform their lives

My name is Karolos Tsiligirian and I am the founder of GIM Agency and Your Growth Guide. I am a certified Master Life Coach and have dedicated my life to business and personal development with the goal of helping as many people as I can succeed and have a happier life.

Through Your Growth Guide I will do everything in my power to achieve your goals, to gain Clarity, higher awareness and harmony in your life, with one basic condition: You must really want it!

I will be happy if you trust me to help in your personal development on a professional and personal level.

I can help you with

More free time

Accomplishing your goals

A clear perspective of life

Organizing your day

Creativity and intuition

Change management and overcoming obstacles

Becoming a better leader and improving relationships

Happiness & Health


“Ανυπομονώ για τα email σας κάθε φορά που κυκλοφορείτε νέο περιεχόμενο - καταλήγω να τα προωθώ σε τουλάχιστον 4 ή 5 διαφορετικά άτομα, επειδή έχουν να κάνουν με την πραγματική ζωή, τώρα. ”
“Ανυπομονώ για τα email σας κάθε φορά που κυκλοφορείτε νέο περιεχόμενο - καταλήγω να τα προωθώ σε τουλάχιστον 4 ή 5 διαφορετικά άτομα, επειδή έχουν να κάνουν με την πραγματική ζωή, τώρα. ”

Who is Karolos?

How well do you manage stress?

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