How to unblock my Chakras?

Chakras are the main energy centers of the human body. Energy flows through our body and one can liken this flow to rivers of energy (called Nadis in Sanskrit). The energy channels (Nadis) join together at the main Chakras.

The word chakra in Sanskrit means wheel or disk. Advanced clairvoyants can see the chakras as cones protruding from the body, with the top point next to the spine (google Sushumna nadi for more info).

Chakras work like pumps. The bigger the pump, and the faster it rotates, the more energy it can pump. They are also power transformers but that is a topic for another article. Chakras draw and transform energy from the environment for use by the human body.

Based on the traditional view, that came simplified from the East to the West, there are 7 main chakras:

  1. Base chakra (or root chakra). Located at the coccyx (base of the spine)
  2. Sacral chakra. It is located about 5 cm (2 inches) below the navel (at the sacrum)
  3. Solar plexus chakra. Located in the solar plexus.
  4. Heart chakra (heart chakra). It is located in the center of the chest, between the nipples.
  5. Throat chakra (throat chakra). It is located in the center of the neck.
  6. Third eye (ajna chakra); It is located between the eyebrows.
  7. Crown chakra (crown chakra). It is located on the top of the head.

These basic Chakras are located next to critical glands and organs such as genitals, liver, heart, thyroid, pineal gland, etc. At these points there is also richer innervation and blood supply. The western view is that the ancient Yogis didn’t know about human anatomy and imagined all these things as energy and Chakras. The deeper truth is that things are exactly the other way around. The energy body is necessary to form the physical body. Nerves and blood supply follow the holographic pattern of the nadis. Let’s not make things more complicated, so back to the article!

Unblocking the Chakras. What does it really mean?

Today we know that there are 114 important chakras and 6 of them are practically inactive. These 108 chakras are always active and rotating. If an important chakra were to stop for a while, then the homeostasis of the organism would be destroyed, and everything would literally fall apart (domino effect).

What actually happens as a problem in a chakra is not that something blocks it and it stops rotating, but that something affects it and either it does not have enough energy (depletion) or it has excessive energy (congestion).

Let’s examine this with an example. Someone comes and curses you and you get angry. Automatically to facilitate the anger energy your body will make the solar plexus chakra (and other chakras) spin faster to pump/gather more energy! Now if someone comes along and says something derogatory to you, if it hurts your feelings and you believe it, this is likely to make your solar plexus (self-confidence) chakra spin more slowly.

This means that the way we respond to an event (the circumstances in life) affects our chakras.

So this gets us thinking…

The permanent solution to abnormal chakra function (lack of energy or energy congestion), is not a “magic pill” like spraying the chakra with essential oils BUT to actually change our vibration, our thoughts, our beliefs , the way we manage situations.

This does not mean that we devalue all alternative techniques such as energy healing, meditation, Bach flower remedies, EFT, Rebirthing, etc. All these techniques are extremely useful to temporarily normalize the functioning of the Chakras (to a lesser or greater extent). This temporary benefit provides an opportunity to think more clearly and then make permanent changes in the way we think. In reality this small mindset shift always happens after an effective energy treatment, either consciously or subconsciously. Fortunately a part of the benefit after energy healing remains permanently.

We therefore conclude that combining systematic and frequent work with our beliefs and alternative therapy is the wisest approach.

How can we find out which Chakras are out of balance

The following Infographic is a very practical way to check your main chakras.

Alternative healing techniques for unblocking chakras

There are many techniques that help the harmonious normal functioning of the chakras, and by extension the entire energy body.

Yoga postures

There are yoga postures that help build a solid foundation and connection to the earth, such as the Tree pose, or the Warrior pose. These postures can help the base chakra.

Let’s see some popular postures for all the main chakras:

  1. Base – Tree, Warrior
  2. Sacral – Bridge pose, Pigeon pose
  3. Solar plexus – Boat or triangle
  4. Heart chakra – Camel pose, Wheel
  5. Throat – Plow, Fish
  6. 3rd eye- Forward fold, Folded eagle
  7. Crown – Corpse

Bija Mantras

You can try repeating the following mantras for each chakra:

  • Root – Lam
  • Sacral – Vam
  • Solar plexus – Ram
  • Heart – Yam
  • Throat- Ham
  • 3rd eye – Sham
  • Crown – Om


Pranayama is the science of Yoga that deals with the expansion of consciousness. It relies heavily on the use of breath.

You can start with two very powerful pranayama exercises are Nadi shodhana (channel purification) and Kapalbhati (shining forehead).


When one meditates deeply they download energy from the Universe/God. Imagine this energy like the clean water when you shower. As this energy flows it clears dirty energies, unblocks the “pipes” (Nadis) and allows the Chakras to rotate more easily. When you do deep meditation and bring down light you help unblock the Chakras.

You can meditate in various ways like Awareness mediation, Mantra, Metta, Kundalini… I suggest you try “Twin Hearts Meditation” because it will have multiple benefits for your life.

Guided Meditation

There are many guided meditations to unblock/cleanse/balance your chakras. Try the following one:

Pranic Healing

My love for Pranic Healing is known! It has helped me a lot, as well as thousands of other people around the world. By doing pranic healing techniques you can clear your aura, your chakras, and harmonize the energy in your body. You can watch this free introductory tutorial:


I love the sweet, warm and relaxing energy of Reiki! Reiki and Gasho meditation can help harmonize your energy, normalize the functioning of the chakras, and strengthen them. Initiation from a Reiki teacher is required to be able to do Reiki properly.

Crystal Healing

There are many crystals that help with the Chakras. Virtually all crystals affect the Chakras. A simplified technique is to place appropriate crystals over each chakra. A simple way to get you started is the following:

  1. Base – Red jasper
  2. Sacral – Carnelian
  3. Solar plexus – Citrine
  4. Heart – Rose quartz
  5. Neck – Sodalite
  6. Third eye – Amethyst
  7. Crown – Selenite/Satin spar


You can use the following affirmation. Really feel them when you say the words!

  1. I AM. I am safe. I am protected
  2. I feel. Sex is sacred. I am creative
  3. I do. I am strong. I am my teacher
  4. I love. I am loved
  5. I speak. I am expressive
  6. I see. I understand
  7. I know. I am divine. I am guided

You can try combining Affirmations with Tapping (EFT) or Meditation.


Congratulations on making it this far! I hope you have learned valuable things to further improve your life. If you want more let’s talk;


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