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Crystals for Grounding and Takeoff!

It is magical when one first sees a crystal. Many of us had our first experience as young children on field trips, in museums, or even in caves.

Crystals & Properties

Crystals as a basic characteristic have their crystalline structure, i.e. the pure geometrical structure of their particles. This can often be seen with the naked eye! Look at a cluster of amethyst or clear quartz for example and you will see the beautiful geometric structure.

The reason we deal with crystals in energy therapy is that crystals have specific energy properties . They can absorb energy, store it and project it somewhere else. Energy is closely related to information . There are people who have the ability to read the information stored in crystals (this usually involves quartz crystals). Another interesting feature of crystals is that each crystal vibrates at a different frequency. More correctly we would say that the energy of each crystal vibrates in a specific frequency spectrum. Each crystal produces its own “music “.

This music, the combination of frequencies, combined with the consciousness of each crystal, also affects our own energy. They can make us feel more grounded, bring us joy, confidence, excitement, a sense of freedom, clarity of thought, enhanced intuition and much more.

Personally, when I first read about crystals, these views seemed very “out of this word” to me, and I was skeptical. But when I started making my own collection, picking up each crystal individually, closing my eyes and concentrating on what I felt, I too began to become a believer. There are crystals that are so powerful that even the most skeptical cannot ignore what they feel.

Let’s see about the issue of grounding and takeoff…

Grounding is a word we hear a lot lately. “You’re flying in the clouds, land/ground!”. What does this mean practically? When we imagine things, make pictures in our mind, get too involved with the metaphysical many times this results in us forgetting the mundane and not taking action. Maybe you have or know a person, who has a lot of imagination, comes up with a lot of ideas, says I will do this, I will do that, and in the end he never does anything! This is a classic case of a person who has the upper chakras activated but not the lower chakras as well. That is, he is holy.

Some classic symptoms of an unholy person are chaotic thinking, many habitual ideas, fantasizing, fantasizing, excessive turn to metaphysics, meditation, prayer, lack of action, possible financial problems, imbalance in life.

What is the antidote? Grounding! And in this, crystals are a valuable ally. Ally means that we don’t just rely on crystals, but along with changing beliefs and behaviors, we also use crystals.

We can do grounding meditation by holding a grounding crystal. We can also have it on us, for example in the left pocket (if you are right-handed, otherwise on the right).

Let’s also look at the issue of take-off. There are people who are too grounded. These people are very concerned with worldly things and especially with matter. They may be concerned with the acquisition of wealth, their career, their body, and carnal pleasures. They may be overly cold, closed minded or perhaps cynical. They may shun anything to do with spirituality and disparage it (although they may wear the guise of a religious person).

What is the antidote? The take off! This is a term I personally use because it’s funny, and easy to remember. Taking off does not mean that we have to completely cut our roots from the earth. But on the other hand, we don’t want to be deep inside, motionless (and inflexible) and not seeing anything else like the sky, the Sun and the stars. There are crystals in it too that can help us.

Crystals for Grounding

These crystals are usually of low vibration frequency, they “throw the gears”, they help to calm down. Many of them are common crystals and we find them easily and cheaply.


Hematite is an extremely powerful grounding crystal (perhaps the most powerful). You will find it very easily in stores that sell crystals and minerals, as well as online. He is excellent for matters involving the blood, and the physical body in general. It helps ground your ideas and turn them into reality. It calms and balances. It brings strength and energy to the body, activating the base Chakra.


Grounds and helps release negative thoughts, anger and sadness. Attracts love, and devotion. Calms and stabilizes. It balances the bipolars like left and right hemisphere of the brain.


There are many types of agate such as mossy agate. It is a very low frequency crystal. Mossy agate has the interesting property of grounding us, connecting us to nature, and helping with emotional balance. Ideal for people who have emotional instability.

Red jasper

An extremely common crystal but don’t underestimate it. Strongly activates the base chakra, brings red prana (energy). It offers vital energy, endurance, determination and helps with libido.

Red calcite

Red calcite is recommended for people with a weak base chakra as a stronger alternative to red jasper. It has similar properties but has the advantage that it also helps the crown chakra. It is also indicated for people who have problems with sexual intimacy.

Black tourmaline

Black tourmaline is grounding like the rest of the crystals on this list, but its main characteristic is that it cleanses of dirty energy and negative thoughts. It is also used for energy protection and protection against electromagnetic pollution.

Red Tourmaline (Rubellite)

It is a more expensive option but extremely interesting. It invigorates the heart, brings more passion for love and life, grounds, stimulates the libido. It also has similar properties to black tourmaline, so it helps with cleansing and energy protection.

Black Obsidian

There are many types of obsidian. Black obsidian is the most common, and is actually a type of volcanic glass. It is used for grounding and strong energy protection. It often brings unconscious and subconscious fears and limiting beliefs to the surface so that one can gain awareness and release them. So excellent for shadow work.

Rainbow Obsidian

An excellent type of obsidian that has many of the colors of the rainbow. It looks black but if we put it in strong light we will see colors like green and purple. For this reason it also activates other Chakras such as heart and crown, and is used for emotional balance, strengthening contact with the divine, emotional balance and more. One of the most useful minerals for your collection. I suggest you get it in a ball or heart shape.

Black Onyx

Excellent for grounding and for spiritual protection as in sleep. It strengthens the root chakra, the solar plexus chakra and also Ajna (3rd eye). If you want a boost in your confidence, courage and strength, it is a very good choice. It helps with energy clearing, and supports people in times of sadness or mourning. So many interesting properties.

Petrified wood

If you like nature, big trees that have lived over 100 years, and you want that feeling, that energy, petrified wood is an interesting case. It grounds you deeply in the earth, brings you in touch with nature, teaches you to live in harmony with nature, helps you have more patience. Activates the base chakra and the third eye. It is also indicated for people who have problems related to aging. It is also used in energy healing related to past life regression.


Like many other crystals and minerals on this list, Jet is grounding, energetically cleansing, and protective. If you are in a phase of major change in your life, it is a crystal worth using. If you feel like you’re being bullied, use it. Activates base chakra and third eye. It is higher frequency than other crystals (eg agate), and makes good combinations with high vibrational crystals for the higher chakras such as moldavite.


One of the most classic options for grounding, cleaning and stress reduction. It absorbs negative energies such as sadness, anger, resentment, transmutes them and sends them to earth for neutralization. It can range from very clear (quartz) to very dark. If it’s almost black it’s probably irradiated (processed) so better bury it in the ground, and don’t use it for treatment. Tobacco activates the lower chakras like base chakra, sacral chakra and solar plexus more.

Que Sera

It does it all and it works ? From crystal therapist and author Judy Hall’s favorite crystals. It is an amalgam of Quartz, Feldspar, Calcite, Kaolinite, Iron, Magnetite, Leucozene, and Clinozoisite. Soothes, grounds, activates, balances, restores. It helps to set boundaries and not be taken advantage of. The synergy/alchemy of its component parts gives it multiple properties worth exploring.


A crystal that is definitely not as popular as they deserve. It is green and you may be able to see red and yellow spots. It needs frequent cleaning. Potential for energy protection such as verbal attacks. Grounding, passion, courage, strength. It is used to eliminate toxins from the blood, strengthen the immune system, helps people who do sports. It is also recommended for children who are vulnerable to bullying. It mainly strengthens the base chakra and the heart chakra.


Shungite in recent years has become coveted, because it is one of the most protective crystals for electromagnetic radiation. It is something that has been scientifically measured with special devices. Grounds, clears and helps all chakras. It has strong antibacterial properties. It is one of the best crystals for water charging.

Tiger’s Iron

There is the eye of the tiger and the tiger’s iron. Both help with grounding. Tiger’s iron has a heavier feel because it also contains red jasper and amaitite. So it combines the properties of these 3 crystals. Mainly activates the 3 lower base chakras, sacral and solar plexus. If you are on the verge of burn out try it. If you are an empath and are easily influenced by the feelings of others, you have tiger’s iron on you.

Crystals for Takeoff

If you want to experience something more metaphysical, strengthen your intuition, connect with your higher self, “open” the 3rd eye, do astral travel, etc. the following “take off” crystals deserve to be in your collection.

Selenite/Satin Spar

Although an extremely cheap crystal, this does not mean that it is not powerful. On the contrary! Activates higher chakras, clears aura, charges other crystals, opens blocked crown chakra.


The classic crystal recommended for the third eye. But it does much more than just relieve stress.


Perhaps the sexiest crystal in recent years. The price is constantly increasing month by month, so if you don’t have him in your collection, hurry. Heart, higher chakras. Very high vibration. Also combine it with other crystals such as grounding, quartz, and Ascension Twelve crystals such as herderite, brookite, anandalite. Every Moldovan has a different personality. Many people recount dramatic life-transformational changes when they got their first Moldavian. Beware! It takes courage to use such a crystal. I don’t recommend wearing it on you.


There are several types of herderite. Gold is the most coveted. Extremely high vibration. Some argue that it upgrades the entire nervous system to perceive more (especially of the energetic information one downloads in deep meditation).


You like star travel. You are fascinated by the possibility of out of body experiences. Try it in combination with moldavite, you also have a crystal for protection in company e.g. amethyst, and tell me your impressions. Small but miraculous.


We can easily find him in Greece as well (e.g. in Lavrio). It strongly activates the crown as well as other chakras such as earth star, solar plexus, heart and throat. It is also indicated for people who have a nervous stomach, addictions, chronic fatigue.


A form of quartz cluster from the Himalayas whose name has been copyrighted. It is of a higher vibration than ordinary quartz. It has very interesting properties. The first time I used Anandalite for a physical issue I was blown away by its power, and the energy I felt throughout my body afterwards.

Black Tektite

(A form of green tektite is moldavite). Black tektites are usually from China, Vietnam and Thailand. Activates all chakras. It is very high vibrational. It helps to communicate with higher vibrational entities in a meditative state.


The best form is purple and looks like a jel. Unfortunately, it is also very expensive. Removes negative thoughts, calms, cleans energetically, activates heart and crown, helps you to be more compassionate. Like all the crystals on the list it has many more properties but it would take several pages to list them. If you are into spiritual practices and energy healing get it.


A very interesting crystal. I suggest finding it in pure blue. It is one of the best crystals for people who want to enhance their intuition. It elevates the intellect. It helps to heal old emotional wounds.


It unites the heart and crown chakras. For that alone it’s worth getting. You will love it. Also try the pink danburite.


It strongly activates the higher chakras. It calms down. It is used to enhance projecting energy from a distance. Crown and third eye. Excellent for lucid dreaming.

Optical calcite

Wherever you place it on the body it starts and activates it. He places it above the head (eg on his back), and the crown opens like a beautiful rose. A favorite crystal with many properties for the physical body as well (eg issues with bones).


Be careful where you put the crystal. Do not put a grounding crystal in the crown, or vice versa.

There are many beautiful meditations on YouTube and Spotify for grounding and more. Also useful are mp3 tracks with binaural beats (see for example )


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