Business rises, challenges rise

If you are an entrepreneur, you must have gone through many experiences from the moment you thought of setting up your business, until today.

The obvious goal was for your idea and your business to succeed and you made it happen.

Your business gets more and more customers and gains a good reputation through the advertising you have invested in, as well as word of mouth.

Although you would like to declare that you are absolutely happy, you feel that something is not right in the balance.

Why while you have more and more work, your turnover seems to be stuck like a scale during bad days?

Why is it that at the same time as the business gets on the right track, the challenges become more and more difficult, often testing your patience and limits?

To the first question there could be at least one realistic answer, such as that you had to invest money to get better equipment, advertise, renovate a space, or hire new employees.

In the second question, business follows the laws of life. As they rise, they change “track”. The challenges were different when you started and they will be different every step of the way from now on.


We say that a leader is not a leader if he does not continuously change and evolve. The same goes for you as you are the leader of your business.

The more your business grows, the more it will require your own growth to remain strong and successful.

If you feel that he it is in a stage, which, although successful, is “stuck”, ask yourself if you are “stuck”.

  • Do you repeat the same way when circumstances have changed?

When you started your business you had different priorities than at this stage as it evolves. Do you still see your successful business as if it is new and small and keep acting the same way? Maybe it is time to change strategy and type of action.

  • Do you recognize that you are not so good at some things?

Yes, your business is yours. However, while you are good at financial management, you may not be so good at other things, such as personnel management. Recognize this and hire a partner who will be more concerned with the needs of the staff. The smart entrepreneur does not know everything but he surely knows how to choose and trust good partners.

  • Maybe you weren’t prepared for so much success?

Sometimes we start something professionally and while we are passionate and enthusiastic about it, we may subconsciously be more prepared for its failure than for its success.

You might laugh at that, you might say who doesn’t want success? And yet, humans are mysterious beings. Sometimes, deep inside, we may fear success and  even block it.

After all, every success brings with it new responsibilities. Were you ready for these new responsibilities, e.g. more travelling abroad, less time with family, finding bigger spaces, etc.? Do you feel you can and you want to respond?

  • Do you evaluate your business both quantitatively and qualitatively?

Having a lot of customers alone doesn’t mean anything by itself.

You may have a lot more work, but some of your clients are underpaying or taking up more of your time than they should.

Don’t be afraid to clean up and kick out a customer if you feel they are acting in a way that is detrimental to your business.

Whatever your issue with your business, come and talk about it.

The Business Coaching service is provided to you to understand with a clear mind where you might be “stuck” and what you can do differently.


Your business will move as you move within. Because you are the main source of your business, don’t forget it.

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