Murphy’s Law, professionally

Edward Aloysins Murphy, Jr. (1918-1990) was an American aeronautical engineer. His phrase “Whatever can go wrong, will” which he often used when doing his technical experiments, became law, as we say humorously, with some bitterness.

Every time we mention this law, things are probably not going very well in our lives.

If you feel like you’re living Murphy’s Law in business matters, you’re probably experiencing a series of setbacks and misfortunes that don’t let you focus on the essence of your work.

Some of these mishaps could be: machinery suddenly breaking down, an important employee entering the hospital, spilling your coffee on your good shirt before an important meeting etc. 

For Murphy’s Law to apply, of course, the “hits” should be chained and non-stop, so much so that you feel Murphy too close to you.

Murphy himself lived to see all these adaptations of his phrase in modern society, and he did not exactly agree, because he himself used it mainly as a realistic survival tactic.

If you are prepared for the worst case scenario, it is more possible to succeed despite any obstacles and setbacks and achieve what you want in the end.

If you feel like you’re living Murphy’s Law right now, ask yourself:

  • Are there any setbacks in the plan?

Setbacks are not pleasant for anyone. On the other hand, they are a natural part of life and work, if we think about how many different factors have to go well, for everything to be good.

If you own your own business, you know better than anyone how many conditions must miraculously come together for everyone’s working day to be smooth: manpower, machinery, external conditions, even the weather (imagine hail playing on the company’s windows!)

So isn’t it better to take into account that some things can go wrong, without thinking that everything goes wrong.

  • Can some of your misfortunes teach you a lesson?

Within the framework of the beloved Murphy’s Law, there may be some delays in your work plans.

Instead of throwing furious arrows in every direction, isn’t it better to see these delays as an opportunity for reflection or even a need to change direction?

Use any setbacks and delays to your advantage, applying the well-known saying “Every obstacle for good!”

  • Are some “mishaps” your fault?

If your laptop or the car you use for company work suddenly broke down, maybe you didn’t do proper maintenance.

If a significant partner of yours has suddenly left, is it result of a series of misguided actions of your own?

Do your self-criticism and see what things you can do differently from now on, so that they don’t just “happen” to you.

  • Don’t ignore the positives

We usually have an easy tendency to think that if one thing goes wrong, everything goes wrong.

Instead of focusing on one misfortune – ok, two – misfortunes of the day, look at the positives that definitely exist. This will make a difference in how you approach your work day.

  • You don’t control everything

If you are a control freak, this truth will surely freak you out. But it is true the fact that it is not possible to control everything. If you start accepting that fact, you will see how you will deal with each setback differently and you will almost relax (almost!).

  • View setbacks creatively

Sometimes when something goes wrong, we find a whole new way to make it right again.

Discover how every obstacle can become an interesting challenge for you and your business!

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