safety zone

Safety zone is a port, not a destination

Safety is the 2nd need in Maslow’s pyramid of human needs, after the basic needs of food, water and air.

The rest of our needs, after security, are social relationships, self-esteem and finally self-actualization.

Safety, however, is the primary need of every human being. It is for the need of this feeling that he mainly works, in order to have shelter, clothing and protection, in addition to the basic needs (food, water and air).

For the same reason, he creates family and strong social networks that provide him with the joy of sharing, self-esteem and emotional security.

It’s a beautiful feeling to feel safe, to have whatever you need and the people you need in your life.

The problem with security begins when man seeks only the feeling of security and thus often gets trapped in bad habits and environments, because he got used of the routine he has created in them.

Each person creates a safety zone through his daily rituals. The time he wakes up, his first actions when he wakes up, whether he eats breakfast or not, the route to work, the hours at work, the route from work and the night habit relaxing in front of the TV.


Many people may create a more exciting safety zone, with more hobbies and interesting social interactions. After a while, however, if something doesn’t change, this too exciting life will simply look like a safety zone, an almost automated way of life.

The paradox in life is that people react strongly to change while change is the only constant in life. People come and go, companies close, houses change owners.

To make any change in his habits, someone will need at least 21 days, as researches say. But in the end it will take much longer, since even after this period, he can at any time leave the new habit and go back to the old one.

The familiar, whatever it is, however good or bad, usually wins. If a person wants to radically change a habit, it requires a very conscious effort and persistence on his part, as well as a strong, supportive environment.

Humans are creatures of habit, which is why it is so hard to break it.

However, apart from the fact that change is the only constant in life, there is one another important factor for which the safety zone must be the the port and not the destination.

Think about when you really feel happiest.

When you sit on your sofa and enjoy your favourite series, like you do every night or when you learn something new, and you feel new possibilities about yourself?

When you eat your favourite food once more or when you try a new, delicious taste for the first time?

When you engage in hobbies that relax you or when you take up a new hobby that challenges you and pushes you to your limits, like training for a marathon or learning to swim?

Learning a new language or a new knitting technique keeps our brain’s alive and gives us a sense of self-esteem and openness to the world.

After all, we seem to feel really happy when we evolve.

This does not mean that we should change everything in our lives all at once. This would not make us happy, but it would create intense stress in our lives.

We certainly need our routine and the familiar to feel safe. The safety zone is our port as long as we don’t forget to go out in the open every now and then.

With the Life Coaching service you will certainly feel more confident to explore new sides of yourself and expand your world.

Come and talk about any destination you are interested in. Let’s get it started together. If it is the fear that keeps you at the port, come and open sails together! YOLO!

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