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GEN Z, Spirituality & Tik Tok

Gen Z is called the post-1997 generation, the first generation that was literally born and raised in digital life.


GEN Z features

GEN Z, always online, uses technology to express themselves uniquely and create dialogue with their community.

GEN Z knows what it wants, sets its limits, highlights diversity, prefers to use the neutral gender, completes higher studies and as a true cosmopolitan, travels constantly, comfortably, even to the most remote corners of the world.

But, GEN Z is also the most stressed generation, compared to all previous ones.

According to a survey carried out in 2020, which you can read in detail at half of older Gen Zs reported that they or someone in their family has lost at least one job or taken a pay cut, far more than Millennials (40%), Gen Xers (36%) and Baby Boomers (25%).


The war without and within

GEN Z has experienced the financial crisis, the pandemic, the increase in depression, suicides and mental distress in the world. As a digital generation, always connected, it is especially difficult to concentrate and empty out of the information and messages that bombard them from everywhere.

Urgently looking for a way to calm herself down, she never stops searching for her spiritual truth.

Its own truth is not mass and dogmatic, like her Millenial parents, but personal, almost tangible.



For GEN Z, the self is fluid. It is constantly changing through new stimuli, experimentation and experiences.

According to a poll conducted by the Springtide Research Institute one person in 3 believe in a higher power but refuse to accept traditional religious labels. According also to a recent survey done in Washington by the 18% of Generation Z declare atheists or agnostics. They combine the practices and beliefs of different religions without feeling that they have to be loyal to anything but themselves.

They don’t feel the need to follow a set ritual. They do not believe in old traditions, but create new ones of their own. They can feel the same peace of mind in a Christian church and in a mosque. Their “religion” is a loose spirituality. They breathe in and out while hugging the trees, feeling the wind, listening to the water. They experience spirituality through other spiritual avenues that they feel are more suited to them, such as energy crystals.


How COVID lockdowns spiked demand for energy crystals

During the quarantine, an extremely large percentage of people around the world felt the need to learn more about energy crystals and their healing power, both for their personal energy and for cleaning the energy of their home.Anonymous and famous people like Kendal Jenner have not hesitated to share with others how energy crystals, depending on their properties, have protected and strengthened them, effectively improving their way of thinking, their energy and their dynamic in life.

#crystaltok trended on the most popular youth platform after YouTube, Tik Tok, where millions of young people share their stories about their favourite energy crystals.

GEN Z shares knowledge and experience, because it has grown into a global – online – community that is not afraid to publicly reveal even its most private secrets.


Looking at the stars

GEN Z continues to seek its own alternatives to heal from the numbness, sadness and anger that all of humanity has felt over the past few years.

Astrology which functioned mainly as entertainment for previous generations, now gives guidelines and recommendations on a daily basis.

Positive statements become their own prayer that they say daily, out loud.

According to a study done in America, between 2012 and 2016, the interest of young people in the ancient philosophy of yoga and its main practice, meditation, increased by 50%, not only for its physical benefits, but mainly for the spiritual ones.

Energy treatments, such as reiki or pranic healing, are among the first choices of GEN Z for internal balance and bright energy, in everyday life, but also on holidays.

Most representatives of this generation love to combine their vacations with workshops and energy treatments next to the waves of the sea.

Even as music, they prefer the sound of gongs, which change the vibrations of the environment. Because, as we said, for GEN Z, the world is fluid, changing every moment, changing even at the mere sound of a gong. Between inhalation and exhalation, the world has already managed to rearrange itself and recreate itself.


Spirituality, Nutrition, Planet

διαλογισμός γυναίκας στο βουνό

GEN Z spirituality is expressed as a holistic way of life.

It’s not just about the way he calms, connects and believes, but also the way he feeds and moves.

Therefore, it could not but influence the diet of GEN Z, which turned to vegetarianism, raw food and vegan diet.

GEN Z cares about their diet, because they know better how it affects their thinking and emotions and vice versa.

Its spirituality, however, is also related to her love of animals and her deep sense of caring for the planet.

The new spirituality, through its apparent laxity, reveals a new moral order of things, where everyone is responsible for their own energy, but also for the energy of the entire planet, especially with intense climate change.

For GEN Z, everything and everyone is connected, not only online, but also in real life where no one has time to block the disastrous consequences.


Social media policy, Tik Tok & Therapists

κοπέλα φτιάχνει βίντεο για tik tok

When we usually think of a session, especially if we belong to an older generation, the image comes to mind of a therapist in an armchair and the patient-client lying on a couch.

If we talk about energy healing, then we think of the client on a folding bed and the energy healer providing the treatment.

Close-up therapy has not lost its popularity. It continues to happen and has its value.

What is increasing, however, is how GEN Z are looking for their therapists on social media and how they continue to follow them there.

Also, the therapists themselves have in several cases started asking their clients for written permission so that they can anonymously share the stories on Tik Tok and other media.

Due to the new reality, the American Psychological Association compiled in 2021 a set of non-binding guidelines for therapists regarding social media.

Of course, no one has set a precise limit, beyond the confidentiality that already applies especially to mental health therapists.

In a society that is used to exposing everything in its communication, it is important to be reminded of the basic principles of privacy, because beyond whether it is live or remote or therapy, it always remains characterized by the precious relationship of trust and confidentiality between therapist and client.


Energy Healing – Your Growth Guide

GEN Z knows better than any other generation the value of addressing their problems holistically. Body, soul and mind for GEN Z are one.

It knows how much its thoughts and emotions are energy that affects its physical body, its relationships and its path – open or blocked – in life.

It is aware of the interconnectedness and interaction of everything.

Together we create our own unique relationship, characterized by the principles of love and trust.

With the power of energy healing and healing crystals we remove the burden of stress and worry, and amplify the light of the new humanity, where everything is open, free and unique as it is the entire generation Z.

Energy treatments work as a companion if you follow psychotherapy sessions or take medication for a health problem. No medications are provided.



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