Energy & Physical Body: How One Affects the Other

What the Physical Body is

Your physical body is concrete, it’s the one you know how much it weighs every time you weigh yourself, the one you work out with, the one you move with, the one you feel the pain in, but also the tickle. Your physical body has limits and is visible.

What the Energy Body is?

People with higher psychic powers see around the physical shell of other people’s bodies, another invisible energy body to many, the bioplasmic body. The bioplasmic body emits the colours, the so-called aura which is visible to the seers.

The colors of the aura can be very vivid and bright or very dull and greyish, depending on the state a person is in, emotionally and physically.

According to what Master Choa Kok Sui writes in his book “Miracles through Pranic Healing – A Practical Guide to Energy Healing“, the bioplasmic body is a living energy body that is made of invisible subtle or etheric matter.

This energy body penetrates the physical body and extends about 10 to 13 centimeters away from it.

Just as the physical body has its organs, in the same way the energy body has its 7 energy centers (chakras) and about 72,000 meridians (nadis) that carry the energy from one energy center to another.

Your energy body foreshadows your physical body

Your energy body shapes your physical body. Whatever happens in the energy body, it is a matter of time before it manifests in the physical body, unless the necessary prevention is done.

Weakness will first appear in the bioplastic throat and then it is likely to manifest itself in the physical throat with symptoms such as cough and cold.

If you do medical tests at the time you have the weakness in the bioplastic neck, no problem will be seen in the physical neck, because the manifestation does not happen automatically, but with some short or long distance of time.

You can catch the manifestation with Kirlian Photography


Russian-Armenian researcher Kirlian, along with his teacher and journalist wife, discovered Kirlian Photography in 1939.

Kirlian Aura Photography depicts the aura, i.e. the colours of the energy body of every living organism, such as humans and plants.

In this process, pulsed frequencies of high vibration are used that image the energy body, demonstrating the health or weakness of the energy centers affecting the physical body.

In this way, a non-clairvoyant may see an energy imbalance in a chakra corresponding to an organ in their body, which will lead to the thought of further examination of the physical body. For example, a major energy imbalance in the throat chakra would be well suited to be accompanied by a thyroid examination.

The energy body nourishes or weakens the physical body

The energy body enlivens through its centers (chakras) the physical body with prana (vital energy). When any center of the energy body becomes ill it is because it is in a lack of vital energy or in a congestion of vital energy.

Many diseases are attributed to disharmony of one or more chakras. See:

Energy healers believe that the health of the chakras directly affects the health of the corresponding organs of the physical body and vice versa (this has not been confirmed by Western science).

If the appropriate energy treatment is done in time, the energy of the chakras is unblocked and harmonized, then the energy body gradually regains its vitality.


If you could see how different the picture of the chakras of the energy body is, before and after an energy healing, then it would be even easier to understand the magnitude of the difference.

Think of a weakened aura, hazy and grayish, gaining intensity and radiance. This pure light manifests as renewed strength and energy in the body and disposition of the man it surrounds as a mold.

The energy body knows what you are feeling and thinking

The energy body keeps in its memory feelings and thoughts, which the physical body may choose to ignore.

The energy body, however, does not ignore anything.

To put it more simply, if you are dealing with a difficult situation, sweeping all your pain, bitterness, anxiety and stress under the rug, your energy body sweeps them out.

The energy body knows the truth and does not intend to hide it from you.

If you continue to ignore your strong negative feelings and thoughts for too long, the energy body will sooner or later remind you of them through the manifestation of physical pain, discomfort, or serious illness.

If you feel chronic anger and frustration, there may be a lack of energy in the solar plexus chakra and this may manifest physically e.g. with diarrhea.

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Conclusion; Don’t sweep anything under the rug, because your energy body will find it and show it to you somehow, until you face your feelings and thoughts head on, and actually improve your life.

Ways to strengthen the energy body

By strengthening your energy body, you strengthen the vitality of your physical body.

Meditation – Yoga


Through Meditation and Yoga, all the energy centers are positively activated. Both the mental concentration and the physical practice focus on cleansing dirty energy, protecting the light within and without, clear thinking, and focused good action.


Exercise in any way you love to transform your energy field. With exercise, the negative emotions and thoughts that negatively charge your energy body are noticeably reduced, and your level of vitality is drastically enhanced. Therefore, although it sounds paradoxical, if you feel tired in your life, put exercise in your weekly schedule, and you will rest.

Positive thoughts – Positive feelings

Life is full of challenges. It is human to feel negative emotions and think unpleasant thoughts in some situations. But try to keep these feelings in balance, not by hiding them, but by facing them. Boost yourself and your self-esteem in difficult times with either a creative hobby that relaxes you, or an enjoyable occupation that makes you have fun and laugh, nothing better for your energy body.

Energy crystals


Energy crystals have the power to clear some blockages in your psychology and energy and give you the protection, clarity, warmth or power you need.

Use them either by holding them in your hand or wearing them as jewelry or as part of your meditation.

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Like your energy body, energy crystals retain memory because of their unique composition, so you can program them according to your intention.

Psychological support

If you’re going through a time when you feel like you can’t cope on your own, beyond communicating your difficulties to friends or family, choose to talk to a professional.

The psychological support you will receive will help you find the strength to overcome your problem, without repressed and negative emotions remaining inside you and in the memory of your energy body.

Energy Treatments

What’s better for the energy body than treatments created specifically for it? Alternative energy therapies (Cosmoenergy Healing, Pranic Healing, Reiki etc) use the power of energy to restore the natural balance of the energy body, and support the body’s self-healing.


Energy Healing & Kirlian Aura Photography – Your Growth Guide

As simple as the process is, so great is the result.

You put your fingers on the Crownscope 2 device, which photographs your aura and shows your level of health in 40 key parts of your body.

This process is optionally accompanied by a counseling session on how you can immediately improve your energy status.

In addition, if you choose to do energy healing, it will be even more targeted to your weak points and even more strengthening to your entire energy body.

Every service we offer you works in addition to the instructions of the psychotherapist or the doctor you are attending for some other health problem. No medications are provided.


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