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Choose an energy crystal according to your sign

What sign are you?

This is one of the first questions we ask a person we’ve just met and find nice enough to want to get to know them more. If they know how to tell us their ascendant… even better!

Astrology for others is a serious life investment, since they consult it and trust it completely to make serious life decisions, ideally – according to the astrological intervals, and for others it is more of entertainment, and a way to get to know better other people.

Each of the 12 signs has its strengths and weaknesses.

The power of energy crystals

Energy crystals are an ancient way of healing, since they have even been found in archaeological excavations and their power has been mentioned by both Galen and Hippocrates.

Each energy crystal has unique properties. It can be the right one for protection, strengthening, healing fear, joy.

In modern times more and more people – anonymous and named – are using energy crystals to improve their energy, their thinking and their lives.

They may wear their chosen energy crystal as a necklace or place it in a space in the home or in their wallet, or even combine it with their daily meditation.

Zodiac Signs & Energy Crystals

How do zodiac signs match with energy crystals? As we said, each zodiac sign has its virtues and defects. If you know yourself, depending on your sign, you can choose energy crystals that will enhance your virtues and reduce your weaknesses.

Or if you prefer to give an energy crystal as a gift to a loved one, according to their sign.


Aries is a sign known for its boldness and need for action, but also for its impatience and nervousness. It doesn’t take long for him to explode, but luckily he takes it easy and gets back into a good mood quickly.

Hematite is the ideal crystal, which will contribute to his better concentration and focus before action and Citrine, the stone of joy, will make sure that he refreshes his energy often enough with a feeling of optimism, so that nerves do not accumulate and avoid – as far as an Aries can of course – the unexpected tensions!


What can we say about Taurus, the name of the sign says it all. Slow to move and a lover of pleasures, with too much patience, but when he loses it… he can become a bull in a glass shop. But, his best known characteristic is his stubbornness, something you will understand if you are or know a Taurus!

Rose Quartz will sweeten that heart that wants to love and be loved, even if it is in a phase of terrible stubbornness. As for the purple Amethyst, it will provide Taurus with the feelings of self-confidence and security that they so desperately need!


Affectionate Geminis often change opinions and moods, because they are immovable while never stopping to search for their identity. Many call them hypocrites because of this, but even more recognize deep down how entertaining and intelligent they are.

Black Tourmaline will ground a Gemini and give him the necessary sense of stability, while the Aquamarine stone with its blue-green color will help him come one step closer to the success of his plans. Because, a Gemini always has at least one plan in the works…


A Cancer is an emotional, intuitive person, who, however, has his moods and does not easily forget when someone hurts him.

Moonstone is ideal for the child of the Moon. It gives him peace and helps him understand his feelings and forgive others and himself more easily.

Chrysoprasius relaxes and helps to clear one’s thinking and strengthen the already strong intuitive nature of Cancer.


Leos are leaders and show it proudly at every moment, whether it’s with their impressive gifts or their grandiose plans. This does not mean that they do not make their own mistakes, as they go forward on their own. But they won’t admit it easily, we said they are proud!

The Diamond brings them the love happiness they so desperately desire while the Tiger’s Eye protects them from the evil eye. Because who wouldn’t be jealous of such a bright, energetic sign?


Perfectionist and analytical, Virgo often suffers from intense stress. His mind is said to be brilliant, especially when he manages to stay clear.

The Turquoise crystal harmonizes his energy and stimulates his spiritual growth while the Cornelius acts as a shield against misfortunes and ill-wishers.


Libra loves harmony and companionship, but is quite indecisive, which bothers him and others. He tries to get along with everyone, because he does not like it when the desired balance is disturbed.

Pink Tourmaline will keep his inner calm away from intense thoughts, and Garnet will boost his confidence and attract the companionship he needs to feel good about his life.


Scorpio is a sign with a lot of mystery, sexual and powerful. He does not hide his jealousies and obsessions, but neither does his intense magnetism.

Yellow Topaz will increase his self-confidence, reducing his emotional insecurity and jealousy, while Obsidian will contribute to a better understanding of his dark side.


A traveling and adventurous sign, he loves risk, and fears nothing but commitment!

Ruby increases his passion, reducing his phobias about relationships while Aventurine is his stone since in addition to helping Sagittarius calm down and save energy, her name comes from the Italian word avventure which means adventure!


A man of duty, he usually thinks about his obligations and career, avoiding as much as he can the dangers of too much intimacy.

Muscovite promotes acceptance and optimism, releasing phobias and Onyx gives courage and acts protectively against all kinds of evil and malicious thinking.


Innovative spirit that hides its insecurities and anxiety well behind an always cool look! He is afraid of commitments and… feelings, but he is always the best company for his friends.

Angelite is the crystal guardian angel of Aquarius as it makes him more receptive and brings him closer to others, while Jasper boosts his courage, removing any negative influences.


Sensitive Pisces prefer to live in their own dream world, which causes them to have delusional tendencies and frequent ups and down. It is no coincidence that many Pisces are artists, because there they can fully unleash their creative, restless nature.

Black Opal arms Pisces with composure when needed, and Pearl awakens inner joy and peace.

Or… Υou?

If you still don’t believe so much in the signs, but in the uniqueness of yourself, reflect on your own strengths and weaknesses and look in the world of energy crystals for those who balance you in difficult times and bring good luck and joy to your life!

Energy Healing – Your Growth Guide

Regardless of your sign, together we will find the energy healing that suits your personality and the phase of life you are going through.

Energy crystals often become adjuncts in energy healing, strengthening points that need strengthening, removing fear and stress, bringing calm and joy to your energy and physical body.

Each energy treatment works in addition to any other treatment you receive. No medications are provided.







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