Golden Rule of Karma

“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

The golden rule of karma through the ages.

On this golden rule, all religions agree.

“Just as you want to be treated, so do you to them.”

Jesus Christ

“What you do not wish for yourself, do not impose on others.”


“Do not harm others with that which causes yourself pain.” Gautama Buddha

“You will receive recompense and reward for all that you have done”


What is karma?

Karma is based on Eastern religions and philosophies that in life we ​​come again and again, until we learn our lesson and reach as humans the high point of enlightenment.

The basis of karmic laws is the law of cause and effect:

“What we sow, we shall reap”.

So, if in the previous one we caused pain and harm to others, in this life it is very likely that we will have obstacles, illnesses, misfortunes that we must overcome, but also learn from them, in order to cleanse our bad karma. Karma concerns people but also families and nations and is considered a natural law of nature that dictates that “the energy you give out comes back to you”.

The golden rule is a simple rule


We usually hear it in its negative sense “Do not do unto others what you would not have them do unto you”, but as we have seen in most religions it was said as something good. “Do what you want to be done to you”. In this golden rule, essentially our own behaviour becomes a reflection of the behaviour of others.

How do we expect to receive a smile if we don’t smile at the other person first?

How do we expect money to come to us if we don’t first offer money to a fellow human being who needs it?

How do we expect to be loved if we don’t first love the other?

Treat others as you would like to be treated. Although it is a simple rule, it is difficult to apply.

Human nature has many negative elements

We compete for power, we want to have more than others and we are jealous if someone has more than us, we are selfish, and we want everything to be ours, we want to be treated well by others, but to treat ourselves as it suits us at the time. People make many excuses for themselves when they do not treat others well and we may even consider it their natural right.

“I feel pressured at work, I’m afraid I’ll be fired.”

“I have a lot of problems these days, you don’t understand.”

“Do you know what it’s like to raise three children? You have no obligations!”

This proves that many people think that in order to treat others well, they will be completely calm and peaceful, because they will have solved all their problems. But, this is not possible, because life always brings challenges and difficulties to us and our immediate environment, things are never completely peaceful, there are never those perfect ideal conditions, so that one can say, “I have solved all my problems”.  And if he says so, he is probably preparing for a new problem to come into his life. An important factor, also, in this “spoilt” behavior, is the modern era’s mania “how to be happy, how to manage to have the life of your dreams, how to live exactly as you want”. We forget, in the desperate pursuit of happiness, which eludes us like a butterfly, that in this life:

  • we have come to be better, not happier.
  • we will get what we need, according to the phase we are in, not necessarily what we want.

To apply the golden rule, it takes self-awareness and love

People’s bad behaviour usually stems from insecurities and fears they have, but are too embarrassed to say and can’t find a way to deal with.

A person who hurts feels hurt himself.

A man who terrifies feels himself frightened.

A man who threatens feels pressured himself.


It takes courage, a sense of responsibility and determination for a person to look at himself honestly and face his darkness. When he does this, and only then, will he have no reason to mistreat anyone. The person who feels good about himself, not in the narcissistic sense, but in the sense of healthy self-confidence and self-esteem, wants to behave well, wants to offer, wants to smile at others. However pressing the external circumstances of his life may be.

Two basic Laws for Clearing our Karma

As Master Choa Kok Sui writes life is beautiful, if we make her beautiful.

We ourselves live better when we treat the world around us with respect and love. So, if you really feel that you want to follow the golden rule in your life, but you don’t know if you have any karmic debts from your past lives, there are two basic laws, if you follow them, you will feel the purity of the current life faster you, in your heart and in your body.

The Law of Mercy

Show Mercy to others. Put yourself in their shoes, communicate with empathy, feel compassion, help them if you can, in any way you can. Do what you would have others do to you if you were in a difficult position.

The Law of Forgiveness

Forgive others for what they may have done to you in the past. Think about which people you hold grudges, bitterness, disappointment and forgive them. At the same time, forgive yourself for any grudges you hold towards him. Through true forgiveness, you set others and yourself free. You feel freer, lighter, because all that is left in you is acceptance, peace with the world and love.

Prayers and Invocations

If it is in your daily habits to pray or invoke as part of your meditation your spiritual teachers, do not forget to thank and ask for others what you ask for yourself.

If you ask for health, ask for others too.

If you ask for abundance, ask for others too.

If you ask for love, ask for others too.

None of us is an island, and life is better when you and others are well.

Energy Healing – Your Growth Guide


The more you clear your energy through energy healing, the more you feel the need to “get rid” of bad attitudes both in yourself and in others. Focusing on the light and color of your energy makes your thinking and feelings more conscious. Through energy healing, it becomes immediately apparent how connected you are to others and to the world. Therefore, the self-evident value of the golden rule, do unto others as you would have others do unto you, is even more visible. Because you are One with others. Energy unites us all in a Universal One and in this Universe we want only love to vibrate. Energy treatments work in addition to the instructions of your doctor or psychotherapist. No medications are provided.




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