Why Psychotherapy ideally complements Energy therapy

Energy healing is an ancient history. The recognition of the 7 chakras, the energy centers of man, which create his energy field, is an ancient story. The most ancient civilizations have always seen man as energy, which is why they saw his physical problems or his relationship problems as disharmonies of his energy. A truly healthy system is healthy in body, soul and spirit, so when it is sick a holistic approach is required to heal it.

Why Psychotherapy is considered necessary, in some cases, when you do energy treatments


If you are not feeling well at this time, it is very likely that you will look for the reasons for your bad mood and low energy in unpleasant external conditions of your current life, which you feel are pressing and capturing you. So you might start an energy healing session to release the disharmonious energy that your current life circumstances are causing you. If you have chosen Pranic Healing for example, you already feel during your first treatment, that shadows and burdens leave you from different parts of your body and you are filled with a new, brighter and lighter energy.

By the time you come back for your next energy healing, however, you may again feel your energy weighing down and your thinking becoming foggy again. Why?

Because, it is not usually the now and external circumstances that have created this hazy invisible veil over your energy, but old beliefs and traumas that you are not even aware of.

Psychotherapy takes you on a journey to the starting point of the trauma

According to the 2019 survey, conducted in New Zealand traumas in a person’s early childhood (an abusive environment, a negative conversation, a devastating earthquake) take a toll, usually unconsciously, on their mental and physical health when they become adults. Psychotherapy can unlock the secrets of your soul. Take you back to your childhood to remember the trauma or traumas that caused the obstacles in your life, bring them back to the surface, and release them once and for all.

For a long time, Western Psychotherapy ignored Eastern Holistic Philosophy

For a very long time, Western civilization had forgotten the holistic existence of man, and treated him only as body, mind and soul, separate from each other.

The leading Swiss psychiatrist and psychoanalyst Carl Gustav Yung did not accept the philosophy and practice of yoga in the West, because he believed that the West and the East perceive the world differently. On the other hand, there were always the other voices that connected the 2 worlds into one, such as:

  • Isaak Newton, English physicist, mathematician and philosopher who had recognized the electromagnetic light around man as early as 1959.
  • Wilder Graves Penfield, famous American-Canadian neurosurgeon who wrote in 1976 that thought and memory seem to be located throughout the body.
  • the biologist Rupert Sheldrake who in 1990 introduced the hypothesis that the mind functions as a tuning device and that the storehouse of memory is located somewhere outside the mind and body.

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Psychotherapy in Chakras


Today more and more psychotherapists recognize the value of energy treatments, so they try to introduce into their treatment simple applications that release the chakras.

On the other hand, more and more energy healers are adding the psychotherapeutic approach to their alternative treatments. After all, Master Choa Kok Sui himself has introduced the concept of Pranic Psychotherapy, even writing a book on its application.During Pranic psychotherapy, the therapist clears the dirty energy that has accumulated over the years and the negative thoughts that have gained entity, affecting the outer behavior of the client. At the same time, the therapist charges the patient with new, clean, bright energy. Through this process, the patient revises beliefs, acquires clearer thinking and a stronger defense against psychic attacks, gets closer to his Higher Self, trusts his intuition and makes better choices for his life.

Energy Remedies – Your Growth Guide

Addressing your energy disharmony holistically brings rejuvenating, long-term results. Come and discuss which energy treatment or combination of them is right for you. Together, step by step, we will succeed in illuminating your energy centers and restoring their free flow. Our sessions, as we have seen, are completely complementary to your psychotherapy session, but also to any medication you may be receiving for a health problem. No medications are provided.




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