The code of ethics of an energy healer

Where there is faith and trust, there must be principles

Being an energy healer is a great joy, because it gives him the opportunity to offer relief to his fellow customer from mental and physical pain. At the same time, however, it is also a great responsibility, because the relationship with his client is very vulnerable and important.

When a person chooses to entrust their body, mind and soul to an energy healer, they choose to begin a powerful relationship of trust. Without it, it is difficult to develop energy healing in the best possible way. Basic codes of ethics have been written by the Associations of Energy Healers and the dangers of not following them have been highlighted.

Summarizing these basic ethical codes, we distinguish the following 11 necessary principles:

Devotion to the good of the customer

Everything the energy healer does, he does by judging first of all what is good for his client’s energy health. Each customer is unique, and for each customer there may be a different need. The energy healer puts the powers he has through Universal energy into the highest good of his client.

Industriousness, commitment to improvement


The energy healer never stops working, learning and evolving to become better in spirit, mind and body. By constantly and systematically improving himself, as a person and as a professional, he improves the level of services he can offer to his fellow man.


Recognizing the fine texture of his work, the energy therapist removes any bad habit from his life – if he has any – to always maintain his energy at high levels. An energy healer does not drink or smoke and takes care of his systematic good diet and exercise.

Honesty & Truth

The energy healer only tells the truth to his client. He doesn’t exaggerate or promise things he can’t do, such as miraculous procedures and magical, instant results. He always speaks the language of truth, maintaining honesty, as a basic principle, in the relationship of trust he builds with his client.


The energy healer respects the trust placed in him by his client. It does not share personal data either with someone else in a private context or as a story on social media, unless permission has been obtained from the customer himself. Any person who confides their story to the energy healer should feel and be absolutely safe that this story will not be leaked anywhere else, in any way, without their consent.

Loving kindness

The energy healer does not judge his client for what he has to say, does not get angry or jealous. He treats his client with loving kindness and calm, so that his client feels completely accepted and is left with trust and faith in the energy treatments, which will contribute to his spiritual and physical evolution.

Open minded


The energy healer does not select or single out clients based on gender, race, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, or religious beliefs. He knows better than anyone how we are all One, connected, in a field of absolute acceptance, tolerance and love.

 Respect & Dignity

The energy healer absolutely respects his client and maintains a relationship of trust and dignity with him. He never crosses the line, nor does he abuse his trust to gain financial or sexual gain.


The energy healer operates completely professionally in the relationship with his client, especially because of the delicate nature of his work. He talks with his client to identify his needs and offer him the results he can in the time he has promised.


The energy therapist is next to his client, at whatever stage he needs it, providing him with the necessary advice. In this spiritual journey, the constant guidance of the energy healer to their client is valuable.


The energy healer is passionate about what he does. Because he does not do a simple job, but offers unique services to his client, which contribute to thinking, feeling and moving better in his life. The energy healer’s sole mission is to bring more joy and health to people and ultimately create a better world.

For those of you who would like to become an energy healer

Ι suggest you seriously consider, before going professional, whether you can follow these principles faithfully in order to offer the best possible to your clients. Learn more about the challenges facing a modern energy healer.


For those of you looking to do energy healing

Ι suggest you read the article with the 11 questions you should ask yourself to find the right energy healer for you.


Karolos Tsiligirian – Energy Healer – Your Growth Guide

As I have done in every other area of ​​my life, from the first moment I decided to go professional, and become a Master Life Coach and Energy Healer, until today, I have not stopped learning and developing in order to offer you my best services.

We speak to each other only with truth and honesty, and thus create a wonderful relationship, dominated by good energy, respect and the will to further spiritual growth, in terms of absolute security and trust.

Each session we do together works in addition to whatever psychotherapeutic treatment you are doing or whatever medication you are following. No medications are provided.



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