LETTING GO – THE PATHWAY OF SURRENDER An analysis of the liberation process based on the best-selling book by David R. Hawkins


An Analysis of the liberation process based on the best-selling book by David R. Hawkins


Introducing David R. Hawkins

David R. Hawkins was an inspirational spiritual teacher and speaker, who delved deeper into consciousness, described higher spiritual states, and spoke of the awareness of the presence of God as Self. He was the Director of the “Institute for Spiritual Research Inc.” He introduced the path of devotional non-duality. He practiced psychiatry and was a member of the American Psychiatric Association, as well as other important organizations. His books and speeches influenced and were recognized by the world.

The book “Letting go – The pathway of surrender” was his last gift to the world, to remind him, by saying goodbye, that common everyday life and God are not different concepts, that the sacred is found in the simple.

In this book, David R. Hawkins tells us about Letting go, as a mechanism, which exists within all of us, and every time we activate it, it releases us from accumulated harmful thoughts and strong emotions, opening the way of our life towards happy self-realization.


“The kingdom of heaven is within us”

This mechanism can work for everyone, regardless of age, religion, origin, special personal characteristics or external circumstances. It doesn’t matter if one is a pragmatist or a dreamer. It’s never too early or too late to turn it on.

The kingdom of Heaven is within us all, but even though it promises us the joy, success, love and peace we desire, to enter it we must tread the line that separates us from it; the line of hatred, insecurities, jealousy, vanity, despair.

In order to feel the freedom that this mechanism offers, we must shed harmful thoughts and negative emotions, to which we are more attached than we would like to believe or would ever admit.

None of us wants to believe about ourselves that we are stuck in the scary emotional dimensions of fear, sadness, greed, anger and pride and that we refuse to take a step beyond.

None of us can fathom how blind we can be, because of our beliefs, to not see the only higher values ​​of life, the priceless values ​​of acceptance and love.


“Be the change you want to see in the world” Gandhi

The effect of the liberating process of Letting go is catalytic in all areas of life, because it starts from a state of acceptance and love.

When we enter this state, then our lives are transformed, given light and purpose, because we feel connected to all people, nature and the universe.

When we heal ourselves, we essentially heal the world.

We create a world of bright, amazing, blessed love, a world at peace.


Soul and body

When we activate the liberating mechanism of Letting go, our soul is cleansed, our mind is clear, our body is healed, our heart rejoices.

This inner change becomes strongly visible through our behavior towards ourselves and others.

We change habits, we take better care of ourselves, but we don’t feel the need to feed the voracious Ego. We are present in our lives, we act effectively and we feel more energy.

At the same time, we change the way we perceive others and our relationship with them. We are not above them or below them, we do not demand, we do not envy, we do not hate. We understand that others are our mirror, and as we begin to accept and love ourselves, we begin to accept and love others, just as they are.

Releasing the negative emotions, which functioned as weights inside us, we evolve spiritually, and approaching Ecstasy, we feel lighter, satisfied, happy. As David R. Hawkins says “Nothing needs to be done; everything is already perfect and complete”.


What is the Letting go mechanism?

All of the above is achieved through a simple daily process called Letting go.

What do we do in this process? Whatever emotion comes to the surface, we let it float and reach its peak, without interfering with it. In the same way, we let it go, release it and move on without it.

So simple is this mechanism that reminds us that we can be free. It is up to us to rediscover this feeling, which has always been ours, even when we thought others had “stolen” it from us.

We often find it natural to cling to pain and yet the most natural thing for our minds is to let the pain go. Because, our mind, our soul, our body do not want to be in pain, with the meaningless repetition of the reminder of pain, but long to enjoy the gift of life to the fullest.

Through the process of surrender, we learn to forgive ourselves and others. Burdens and obstacles leave. Roads are opening where we thought there were concrete walls.

The Letting go mechanism offers us a sudden relief to what we thought was inescapable pressure.

When an emotion is released, the corresponding thought pattern goes with it.

Many believe that expressing emotions can lighten the situation, but, according to David R. Hawkins, it can only make it worse.

Also, there is the myth of stress increasing due to external conditions, but stress is an internal affair. The more fear we feel, the more threatening we feel the world. The more anger we feel, the more the world provokes us. Our inside creates the perception of outside, not the other way around.

Now we know that if something presses us, stresses us, hurts us, hinders us, weighs us down, we can simply feel it, notice it, release it and allow it to go, with the simple method of Letting go.

Like an unbearable mountain that became a light breeze.

Not all difficult and painful things need the same time to leave us, but if we do this process continuously and consciously, everything will go away in its time, without leaving incurable wounds and traumas.

It is enough to see the feeling, without judging it and without identifying with it. Let’s see it simply as an emotion that wants to make its presence known and then go away.

To let it take its time, like a candle you let burn until it melts.

And if a feeling keeps coming back again and again, then it’s good to ask ourselves “why”. When we manage to honestly answer this “why”, then we will no longer need this feeling, because we will have already evolved spiritually one step further.


The path of surrender

The path of surrender is a path of liberation. As we walk it, we feel better, because we are not dependent on any outcome and any result. We do the best we can for something we want and then say we’ll be just as okay if it happens, or if it doesn’t happen.

On this path, everything is more fun, because we don’t need them to be happy. We rejoice in a situation in the same way that we are glad once that situation is over.

We live in the present, trustingly abandoning ourselves to the flow of life. We allow what is to die, to die to make room for what is to be born.

This lighter and lighter feeling of joy and freedom is achieved by a constant Letting go, allowing the feelings to come and go, for new ones to come and go in the same way.


“Like goes to like”

According to David R. Hawkins there are basic levels of emotions or energy levels from lowest to highest in order: shame, guilt, apathy, sadness, fear, desire, anger, pride, courage, neutrality, willingness, acceptance, logic, love, joy, peace.

Because, in life we ​​attract what we are and feel, depending on the dominant emotion that leads us through life, the corresponding challenges, people, situations come to us.

Each level of consciousness creates a living environment.

Courage is the emotion that struggles to leave negative lower emotions to evolve into higher ones. This is the feeling that can make the difference, because it is possessed of dignity and truth.

The truth towards ourselves and others is a necessary condition in this process of liberation and evolution.



These emotional energy levels have a direct effect on the energy of our body, our energy chakras.

The energy in the chakras is transferred through the meridians. Each meridian is associated with an organ in our body and each organ in our body is associated with an emotion. When the feeling is negative, then it is considered that the corresponding meridian is “offended”.

The worse we feel, the more our energy is blocked and if we persist in that feeling, then it will manifest as illness.

The process of Letting go is a continuous energy treatment, which keeps the levels of our body, our mood and our life high.


Energy Healing – Your Growth Guide

Energy treatments, regardless of which one you choose, have as their common core the unblocking of negative emotions, thoughts and beliefs, in order to restore the desired balance in the body, soul and mind.

In combination with the process of Letting go, if you adopt it in your daily life, energy healing can bring about miraculous results in your spiritual development and the way you perceive yourself and the world around you.

As David R. Hawkins says “The kingdom of heaven is within you”.

Just close your eyes, feel, observe and let whatever has to go, go.

After all, the power of letting go of what you don’t need is that it frees you first.






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