Try the following ways to ground your energy

How does it feel to be ungrounded?

  • You fly in the clouds
  • Go from one project to another without completing any
  • You get tired easily
  • You are not in the mood for sex
  • You feel dizzy, you generally feel unsteady
  • You think too much about many things without focusing on anything

On the contrary, when you are grounded, you sleep well, you feel balanced and safe, you are productive and efficient, you have sex, you are focused, you love action, you are present in the moments of your life.

That’s why it’s important, if you’re not grounded, to adopt the following simple ways to reconnect with the earth and get back on your feet.

Ways to ground your energy


Slow down your pace

This does not mean doing nothing, but doing everything at a slower pace to become more aware of the feelings and thoughts behind your every action, what are your motivations, what is tiring you, what is that which pleases you.

Clearing will clear the cloud of your energy and provide you with clarity and calm in your next conscious step.


Walk barefoot

Your foot is the first point of contact with the ground. Whether it’s the wooden floor of your house or the dirt road in the countryside, step into the earth, and feel its roots provide you with its stability.


Dance to the rhythm of the percussion

The sounds of percussion, usually associated with Africa, are sounds that if you dance to their rhythm will connect you to mother-earth. Follow the rhythm, feel the wild nature of your physicality, enter a phase of primitive trance, not caring for a moment if you dance well. You are dancing to the rhythm of nature and that is good in itself.


Take up gardening

Whether you have a garden or just plants on the balcony, take care of them and you will feel like you are blooming like them. Apart from the relaxation you feel when you water your flowers, there is great joy when you see the results of your care in a flower that blooms when you least expect it.


Hug the trees

The trees, firmly planted on the earth, have huge trunks supported by even bigger roots. Connect with them, give them a big hug, and you will receive the most natural and balanced love.


Drink green tea

Green tea with its valuable polyphenols is a miraculous treasure for your body. If you pause and give the moment you’re enjoying it the attention it deserves, you’ll feel reconnected to the present, full of new green energy.


Focus on the present

Basically, we all think about the past or the future. The man who lives in the present is a wise man. Make it a habit, no matter how much you run through the day, to take a break to look around and ask yourself:

“Where am I, what am I doing, what do I see, what do I smell, what do I taste, how do I feel?”

This habit takes no time, but immediately grounds you in the present and you go about your day much more aware of what you are doing.


Wear energy crystals

Make necklaces or bracelets with energy crystals such as Jasper and Hematite, which clear your aura and have a strong grounding power.

If you feel unsteadiness or a flutter during the day, just touch them and focus on their unique qualities to ground yourself again.


Eat anything that grows on the ground

Nutrition is the be-all and end-all for your psychology, energy and health. Choose for your diet foods that are cultivated and grow on the earth and you will feel their high nutritional value in every bite and the balance in every step.


Drink water

Dehydration of the body causes many problems, such as migraines, exhaustion, bad mood. The next time you feel overwhelmed by thoughts, slowly drink a glass of cool water, and another and another until you feel your energy revived.



Run, lift weights, walk, swim, dance, choose any kind of sport that makes you feel your muscles, your body’s limits and your physical energy. The precious endorphins, produced in the brain during exercise, will naturally boost your energy and your psychology.



Touch grounds us in a wonderful way. Whether you touch a person or a silk fabric, the touch awakens your senses and brings your awareness to the present, a beautiful, soft present.


Do an activity you are good at

If you’ve gone through a period where you don’t feel grounded, it’s only natural to have strong feelings of insecurity and low self-esteem. That’s why it’s important to do something like manual, creative work that will remind you of your natural talents and give you the confidence you need to take action and other things.


Do meditation

Set aside some time each day to connect with your center. Focus on your breaths. Leave the noise out. Let your thoughts come and go without clinging to them. Receive light and color with your inhale, release stress and pressure with your exhale. You can add energy crystals to your meditation process.


Do yoga

There are exercises in yoga that ground you, such as tree pose and child’s pose. Put them in your routine every day and feel the roots rise up your legs, offering their strength and stability.


Take care of your feet

We often talk about the feet, in terms of their external appearance. However, regardless of whether they are fit or have cellulite, they support you all day, every step of the way. That is why they deserve your complete attention and undivided care. Give your feet more frequent foot baths or massages to rest them so they continue to support you in the same way, strong and steadily. And don’t forget to always look at them with love, no matter if they’re a little looser than you’d like, and thank them for the strength and balance they΄re giving you.


Do energy healing – Your Growth Guide

If you are going through a time where instability, insecurity and cloudiness are its characteristics, come and face it holistically, alternatively, energetically.

Clearing and balancing your chakras will reconnect you with the earth, bring your thoughts into line, birth new ground for your essential desires, and lead you joyfully and optimistically into action to make them come true.

Come and step firmly back into the earth, your own land of prosperity and balance.

Whichever energy treatment you choose, it works in addition to psychotherapy sessions – if you do – and medication you may be taking for a health problem. No medications are provided.



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