Kundalini Syndrome

The word Kundalini in Sanskrit means “encircled serpent”. Kundalini energy is man’s most powerful, integrated energy, coiled like a snake at the base of his spine. As Osho said in his speech: “When you see a snake sleeping, it is as if it is dead; it does not move at all and is coiled up. …

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Murphy’s Law, professionally

Edward Aloysins Murphy, Jr. (1918-1990) was an American aeronautical engineer. His phrase “Whatever can go wrong, will” which he often used when doing his technical experiments, became law, as we say humorously, with some bitterness. Every time we mention this law, things are probably not going very well in our lives. If you feel like …

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προβλήματα ως προκλήσεις

See problems as challenges

If you are an active entrepreneur, problems, whether trivial or important, should be on your daily agenda. These problems might be created from your team, your partnerships, your goals, any accidents or losses or from your own psychology. There are two ways to look at these problems: As problems, which stress and pressure you. As …

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Καταπολεμήστε το στρες στη δουλειά

Fight against stress at work

Our first tendency in the morning is to stay longer in our bed. So if want to accomplish things in our day we need adrenaline to get us fired up. However, when this adrenaline turns into long-term stress, many serious psychological and physical problems may appear, such as stomach ulcers, immune deficiency, gynaecological problems, accelerated …

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Μήπως μπλοκάρετε την επιτυχία σας;

Are you blocking your success?

If you are a professional or an entrepreneur, you obviously aim for success, at least on a conscious level. On a subconscious level, you may be sabotaging, in different ways, your professional development and advancement. To the question of why someone might sabotage their own success, there are many answers, such as: because he is …

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Are you afraid of happiness?

The best wish we can ever give to someone, besides being healthy, is to be happy. Happiness means good fortune, so it describes the condition where one has everything that desires in life, with differences to what that means for each person. Happiness seems to be the ideal state of life for everyone. Why then …

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