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Find out what your company’s culture is

What is culture in a business?

The culture of a company, regardless of the object, is not easy to describe.  It is like a man’s style, which is unique, because man is himself. He does not copy anyone and cannot be copied.

The same is true of a company’s culture. Think of cafes you’ve been in that have a unique atmosphere, or hotels you don’t want to leave because they exude something so special that you can neither identify nor find anywhere else.

Culture reveals a solid authenticity, and beyond its air, it is based on principles and values ​​that you have defined for your business and passed on to both your employees and your customers.

Because of this and usually, all recipients of its culture, even if they cannot describe it, have a common sense of it.

Does your business have a culture?

Unfortunately, not every company has a culture, since many of them are created or imitating others, or on the principle of money alone. Of course, businesses that operate with these criteria do not prevail in the long run, since modern consumers demand much more from companies than a good product or a decent service. They demand truth and empathy for social needs.

They demand corporate social responsibility based on principles and values ​​that respect the environment, care for people and promote culture and art.

So let’s go back to the question of whether you consider your own business to be cultured?

To answer it, first try to answer these questions:

  • What was your vision when you created it?
  • What was it that you wanted to offer to your customers and society?
  • What are the basic principles that characterize it?
  • What are its red lines in her politics, which you do not cross at all?
  • With your company’s products or services, do you prioritize people or the environment or family or health?
  • What do you prioritize? What are you trying to promote beyond profit?
  • What is the element that sets your business apart from any other in the same market sector? What is its Unique Selling Preposition (USP)?
  • What relationship has the consumer developed with your business?
  • What is the usual feedback you get from your customers?
  • Have you managed to create a positive work environment
  • Have you succeeded in turning your product or services into a unique Brand and even better into a Love Brand, i.e. a product or service with a distinct promise that has been fulfilled and the public has embraced and loved it highly?

Come on, let’s play a creative game

If you find it difficult to answer the above questions, you may find them easier through the game below.

Please consider if your business was:

  • scent, what scent would it be?
  • music, what music would it be?
  • furniture, what furniture would it be?
  • season, what season would it be?
  • city, which city would it be?
  • color, what color would it be?
  • feeling, what feeling would it be?
  • phrase, what phrase would it be?

The Power of Taglines



Air Bnb : Belong anywhere

Tag Heuer: Don’t crack under pressure

L’OREAL PARIS: Because you’re worth it

Taglines encapsulate the entire philosophy of a company in one sentence.

Anyone who hears the phrase “Just Do it” can’t help but think of NIKE, feel its power and momentum, the leap hidden in these three small words. “Just do it”. The tagline has something two-way, because it expresses the philosophy of a company, but at the same time it also expresses the person who chooses it.

The consumer along with the product also buys the philosophy behind it.  It is true that the power of a tagline can mobilize a person to dream, to dare, to change, to act.

Of course, each company should support this philosophy with consistent high quality and excellent social responsibility, e.g. DISNEYLAND must always justify its tagline, and really all the children who visit it together with the adults, really feel that it is the happiest place in the world. Anything less than that, as an experience, would detract from its already good reputation.

One can build an empire, go bankrupt and rebuild everything from scratch if, however, they make a serious mistake e.g. ethics that can destroy the reputation of the company and the product, then it is most likely that it will never be able to recover.

We said, consumers are tough now, they demand truths.

A company’s tagline is not something superficial, a phrase just to be said, but it has the depth of the whole culture and philosophy of the company.

Have you created a tagline for your own company?

And if so, what is the philosophy behind it? Can you support it?

We talked about culture and philosophy, about brands and lovebrands, about taglines and the need for honesty and consistency.

We summarize by saying that every company must have high quality features, such as:

  • Insistence on detail
  • Consistency and reliability
  • Love for people, for the employee, for the customer
  • Concern for the environment
  • Vision for future generations
  • Humility and Ethics
  • & Authentic Culture

to be captured in a single sentence. Find yours or come and discover it together!


Business Coaching – Your Growth Guide

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