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7 ways to empower your employees and your company

In recent years, especially during and after the COVID-19 quarantine, where the Great Resignation wave was created globally, there is a lot of talk about how companies can keep their employees happy and engaged in the long term.

This need is based on the logic that no company whose employees are constantly resigning can consider itself successful.

Because, the systematic development of a company is achieved only thanks to its employees, because they are the trunk and the roots for the company to spread its branches.

Satisfied employees work with less stress and more commitment to the success of their company. This is their own way of showing their gratitude to a company that does not see them only as numbers, but respects them as people and as professionals.


Talking about the ways to empower your employees, we are not trying to tell you that we discovered America, but instead to remind you, if you are a manager or the owner of the company, how with very simple means, you can create a balanced and happy climate in your company.


A good manager always has time to listen to the people who work for him, that’s why, with some exceptions, he leaves the door open for them. Those who shout in an anxious, but at the same time stern tone, “Don’t bother me now” when an employee asks to be heard, will not be able to stay in their place for long, nor will they be able to keep the workers in their place for long.

Instead, good managers themselves initiate one-on-one conversations with their employees to make sure they’re doing well in general, to ask them if there’s anything they need as extra help or a tool in their work, to foster good relationships with each other. day after day rather than desperately trying to fix them when the employees have already run out the door.

They say, after all, that employees don’t leave companies, but bad managers.


Brainstorming is mainly used in creative offices, where new ideas are needed, e.g. for advertisements. But who said you can’t use this method of brainstorming in your company, even if its subject concerns accounting issues?

Make sure to regularly gather your employees in a relaxed, pleasant environment and ask them to tell you, without fear, but with a lot of passion, ideas for improving a project or your daily working life.


One of the most important characteristics of a collaboration is the feeling of trust that the members of a work group feel among themselves.This creates bonding and an easier and more enjoyable way to communicate.

You can build on this by creating occasional team bonding opportunities, such as a day trip or forming a sports team or a themed party.

It is no coincidence that most companies highlight these moments of their employees on their social media, because bonding is a unique competitive advantage, which develops good relationships internally and particularly benefits the company’s reputation.

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When someone micromanages, he constantly controls every move of his employees, leaving them no room for initiative. This tactic negatively affects employees who feel suffocated and want to leave. That’s why it’s called micro.

Good managers know how to trust and let their employees do their jobs well, allowing them to take initiative and highlight their ideas.

In this way, their employees take the work literally upon themselves and give their best, with amazing results.


If someone constantly demands their employees to work overtime, without respecting their personal lives at all, it’s only a matter of time before they lose them. Few of these people can withstand this systematic pressure, and even they will not do so gladly.

It used to be somewhat fashionable to be a workaholic, now it has been seen that those who usually avoid life itself operate like this. So ask yourself if it is healthy to want to have such an employee, hiding at work. How many fresh ideas will it bring to your business?

For this, respect the personal life of your employees, and they will return it to you with renewed smiles!


Lifelong learning is now considered essential for both individuals and companies. Personal willingness to learn aside, when new tools and skills are constantly appearing on the market, no one should be left behind.

Invest in the systematic educational development of your employees, it is the best way to develop your company with momentum towards the future.

Also, one of the most important feelings for every employee is to feel that he is developing and advancing within the company. When an employee feels this way, he won’t even look to see if there are other companies looking for him next to him.


Whether someone is 5 years old or 95 years old, praise is important to all of us. When someone recognizes our effort and tells us or shows us, we act like peacocks spreading their wings to show off their colors, out of pride.

So if you are a manager or owner of a company, be generous with your praise and congratulations, and you will see how a good word does wonders for the performance of your employees.

However, in order to create this good atmosphere, the manager or the owner of the company must be the first to lead by example. Employees are like children, they don’t listen to what someone says to them, but they see what they do. So, be careful what example you set.


Every company that respects itself, first of all respects its employees.

In this day and age, past misbehaviors, which were considered synonymous with every boss, are no longer condoned.

Employees now prefer to work consciously in a good cooperation climate, where they are spoken to politely and their every good effort is practically recognized.

I know this very well, through my own experience in the company I have created since 2009, GIM (Greek Internet Marketing)

That is why I have created a special Business Coaching service, where we can talk together about many issues in your company and among them how you can change – if it is not good now – the working climate positively and keep loyal, productive and your employees happy.

Contact me today, and learn even more!




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