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Rare types of amethyst

The healing power of crystals

Each crystal is a mineral that forms under specific conditions of pressure and temperature. It cleans, heals, balances, awakens and activates the human energy field, depending on how long we use it and on which part of our body.

Because of the way it is created, each crystal is thought to hold a memory of its composition, and is therefore used in meditation with a specific intention and purpose.

Interesting facts about Amethyst

Amethyst means one who does not get drunk, and remains in a sober state, and that is why the ancient Greeks who believed its name literally, used amethyst vessels, to drink as much as they want, without getting drunk.

Also, because according to many peoples, amethyst protects against witchcraft, many royal families wore amethyst jewelry, the same is said of high church circles, such as the Pope himself. Amethyst utensils, jewelry and other valuable objects are displayed in the world’s leading museums.

Because the crystal itself is irregular, in its shape and color, for aesthetic reasons, it is slightly heated in the jewelry making, so that its blue color spreads equally smoothly over the entire surface of the jewelry.

As a semi-precious stone, it is widely used in jewelry, because apart from the beauty of its color, it is durable. On the Mohs scale, its degree of hardness is 7. We remind you that the hardest stone is the diamond, scale 10.

Amethyst deposits are found in Uruguay, Brazil, Russia, Bolivia, India, Madagascar, Ceylon, Namibia, Australia, Siberia, Canada, Italy and the USA.

The violet side of healing

Amethyst is one of the leading, most popular and spiritual crystals. It carries within it fire and passion, but along with the antidote of sober and calm thinking.

It is a variant of the mineral quartz, since it has the same chemical composition, and its color is violet (violet or purple).

Some of its healing properties are:

  • it contributes to the harmony of relationships, expelling negative energy, therefore, it is considered a symbol of both love and friendship.
  • It creates around the body a kind of veil of light, which helps in targeted concentration, during meditation, but also during exam period.
  • It controls bad thoughts.
  • It contributes to the creation of new ideas, but also to the desire to take action.
  • It helps relaxation, calmness, good sleep.
  • It detoxifies the physical body.
  • It strengthens the power of self-control.
  • It aids in a period of mourning, offering a kind of understanding and wisdom on the subject of loss.
  • It activates the Third Eye, the Crown and Etheric Chakras, stimulating intuition and spirituality. Therefore, it is considered a symbol of heavenly awareness. They say that if you put an amethyst under your pillow, you will more easily remember what you saw in your dream.
  • It is used to balance possible negative planetary and astrological influences.

Amethyst Variations

Although amethyst has been identified with the colour violet (violet or purple) it exists in several colour variations, with shades starting from deep purple and possibly reaching a delicate pink or with shades that have elements of yellow and red even black.

Rare types of amethyst

Siberian amethyst

Siberian amethyst is the most expensive amethyst, because it has the deepest and most vivid purple colour. It is located in the Ural, a mountain range of Russia, starting from the Arctic Ocean and heading south, reaching the Caspian Sea. Catherine the Great of Russia is thought to have been the crystal of choice for her jewelry, as well as Cleopatra.

Canadian amethyst

It is also called Thunder Bay amethyst, because it is found specifically in the Thunder Bay region of Ontario in Canada. It is also called Red Cap amethyst, because what makes it immediately stand out is the coating of hematite, which gives it an intense dark granular red colour.

Veracruz amethyst

It is considered to be the most powerful spiritual amethyst. It has various shades from dark purple to light violet and a distinct shine. It takes its name from the city of Veracruz, Mexico, from whose mines it is extracted. It is not considered such a rare amethyst, but very special, and is treated by tourists more like a flower, because of its beauty, than a crystal.

Ametrine amethyst

This amethyst is a combination of amethyst and citrine, which is also a variation of the mineral quartz. Amethyst has in it the element of manganese, which is responsible for the purple colour, and citrine has the element of iron, which is responsible for the yellow colour. The colour of Ametrine amethyst has shades of purple, yellow and orange. It is mainly found in the mines of Bolivia.

Chevron amethyst

It is a combination of white quartz and purple amethyst, which is strongly reflected in its shades. Many are looking to find him in Brazil, India and Russia, where he is usually found. Its name is attributed to the many Vs present in its shape. It is considered a powerful crystal in meditation, a crystal capable of lifting the veil to reveal the deeper meaning of life.

Rutilated amethyst

One of the rare amethysts, which contains brown iron crystals, called goitite, an element that is also present in the Super Seven Stone (precious stone in which there are 7 crystals). It is found in Brazil and Malawi. This pear-shaped amethyst has golden, hair-like lines of rutile running through it, making it particularly valuable and special.

Uruguayan amethyst

Without a doubt, one of the largest and most deeply colored amethysts, the Uruguayan amethyst, is mined in Uruguay, with hues varying from deep purple to almost black. Many people travel to Uruguay with the main purpose of getting their hands on this special crystal.

Cape amethyst

Its deposits are mainly found in the Cape Province of South Africa (hence the name) and it is considered a very rare amethyst. It has shades of purple and lines of white, which give it the feeling of marble.

Moroccan amethyst

Moroccan amethyst is mined at the “Tata” mine in Morocco. It has the rare Siberian color with intense flashes of purple, blue and red.  Although it is considered one of the most recently discovered amethysts, its extremely high quality is recognized worldwide.

Brandberg amethyst

It was named after the Brandberg mountain sacred to the inhabitants located southwest of the Namib desert, from which the whole of Namibia takes its name. Brandberg amethyst stands out thanks to its impressive skeletal growths and we can see in it shades from the lightest to deep purple, sometimes red and silver spots of hematite, but also a possible mixture of smoky and clear quartz.

Meditation with the help of amethyst

Even if you cannot obtain one of the rarest amethysts, use amethyst in your meditation, if you want calmness, relaxation, harmony, concentration, but also opening your third eye to the understanding of the invisible world.

Close your eyes, set your intention and feel the unique properties of this deeply spiritual crystal in your mind, body and soul.


What comes through the earth, such as crystals, can help us to get a firmer footing on the earth, but also to better understand the heavenly.

Crystals have their own special place in energy healing.

Let’s talk about crystals and find the combination that can provide deep healing to your energy, depending on your needs.

Energy therapies (pranic healing, cosmoenergy, crystal therapy) work in addition to your psychotherapy and your medication, if you are taking it for any health problem. No medications are provided.


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