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What is Spiritual Bliss and ways to experience it

Spiritual Bliss: It looks like happiness, but it’s something completely different

Let’s start with a misunderstanding, common to all of us. Too often we use the terms Happiness & Spiritual Bliss as if they are the same completely happy feeling of a person, yet they differ in very crucial ways. Let’s highlight them one by one:

  • Happiness means good luck while unhappiness means bad luck.

Spiritual Bliss does not change with luck, good or bad, because it is not affected by chance, but is attuned to the eternal and universal.

  • We put many limiting conditions on happiness (that is I will be happy if I get a promotion or if I earn this sum of money)

In Spiritual Bliss there is no limitation, everything is open and we feel peaceful under any circumstances.

  • Happiness is about desires, material goods and sensations.

In the experience of spiritual bliss, all desire for power ceases as well as desire for material goods, and we have an inner feeling that transcends the five senses.

  • Happiness lasts for a day, for an hour, for a minute.

Spiritual Bliss, when attained, has the power to last forever.

  • After the feeling of happiness, usually follows the feeling of unhappiness

Spiritual Bliss is not interchangeable with any other feeling, because it is THE feeling that fulfills everything.

  • Happiness is related to an external event or another person.

Spiritual Bliss comes from within, it is the higher vibration of ourselves.

Eudaemonia or beatitude, as we could translate Spiritual Bliss, is created through the enlightenment of man, in which emerges what has always been there, a peaceful, calm, loving world, where there is no “I” and “You”, because everyone and everything is united as One.

spiritual bliss

What prevents us from achieving Spiritual Bliss?

  • The traps and limitations of our mind
  • The melancholy about the past or the anxiety about the future
  • The bad or fake relationship with ourselves
  • Mental disconnection from the world and other people
  • Overloading the mind with problems, negative thoughts and obstacles
  • The need for control and power of all kinds

A higher power, brighter & lighter

When we live feeling Spiritual Bliss, we feel our soul, heart and mind pure, transparent, immaterial. The walls fall, the burdens get lost, the darkness disappears. There are no distances or time. We live in the Here and Now, with continuous natural flow, without feeling the need to put up any resistance. Everything happens easily, like little daily miracles.

How you can achieve Spiritual Bliss

If you choose this path, then you should begin by clearing your mind of whatever belief, fear, or ego is keeping you from the blessing of your higher spirituality. In this, different ways will help you, one complementing the other, towards the common goal.

  • Continuous spiritual practice through meditation will dissolve the dirty, dark spots.

This is not easy at all, since all of us, to a greater or lesser extent, have learned to function in society through relations of control and competition.

It takes conscious intention and constant effort to achieve this.

  • The use of crystals

Each crystal has its own healing properties. Other crystals are great at clearing and will protect your energy while others will help awaken your inner higher potential. Choose the right crystals for you and “program” them according to your intentions, so to tune in with their help to a higher vibration.

  • Do clearings of any kind

They say life is simple, but we humans make it complicated.

Do you really need all that you have or all that you desire?

Do you have relationships where love, appreciation and respect prevail, or are they driven primarily by self-interest?

Do you live with transparency and good intentions for others?

Clean your mind, soul and heart, just like you would clean your cupboards, without letting a single piece of junk pollute your energy.

  • Let yourself go

Many people’s fears and need to be in control do not allow them to relax and enjoy life and the world around them. On the contrary, as the ego decreases, any resistance automatically decreases, while the sweet, calm and windless feeling of trust that confidently tells us that “All is well and all will be well” increases.

  • Focus on the companion

When you invest not in money, sex, and power, but in the quality of your relationships, then you begin to receive the only wealth that is truly inexhaustible, the wealth of love.

Imagine how different everything will be if you don’t count what you will gain from others, nor fear what they will take from you, but you care and take care of them as if they are part of you. Because, through Spiritual Bliss, that is exactly what you realize, that them and you are one.

  • Live by the truth, not by your expectations

Appreciate and acknowledge others and the reality of things around you and accept them.

Having expectations of the world is the quickest and surest way to frustration and disappointment.

Accept the truth and live by that acceptance.

  • Have a compass of your values ​​and principles

Every person moves more consciously and clearly in his life, when he lives based on his values ​​and principles, that is, when he is honest, acts with integrity, moves forward with courage, thinks with love. He does not act and behave, depending on the other person or the situation, but always behaves, according to his own “Bible” of life.

  • Remove toxic foods and toxic people

To take care of others, you must first take care of yourself.

Choose foods that truly nourish your body and energy.

The same goes for your relationships.

Surround yourself with good, pure people, who lighten up your life, strengthening the circle of love.

  • Forgive

The power of forgiveness is absolutely dynamic and liberating for you and others.

Feelings of malice and bitterness make people’s faces ugly. So imagine what they might be doing in their hearts.

  • Enhance your intuition

Reduce distractions, thoughtless actions and noises and listen to your inner voice. Get into the habit of combining your intuition with your logic. The more you practice this unique combination, the more trust and self-confidence you will feel in your every move and choice.

  • Take more walks in nature

Nothing raises your vibrations more naturally than nature itself. Even if you just go for a walk in your nearby park, and sit on a bench next to a tree, you will immediately feel your heartbeat calm down and your facial muscles relax. Try it and observe it.

  • Get used to being in the Flow Zone

Whether you’re working, exercising, cooking, or watering your flowers, focus completely on what you’re doing. When there is no before and after, resistance is completely lost, and everything is done with love, care and therefore with much better results.


Energy Remedies – Your Growth Guide

If until now you have been chasing happiness, now you know better, that true bliss is omnipresent within you, as long as you are willing to throw down the walls of ego and all kinds of attachment.

Whatever we say, about Spiritual Bliss, will be little, since it cannot be explained in words, but only experienced. And when that happens, nothing ever seems the same.

How can one explain the wonder of man and the universe when almighty Truth is met and infinite Love and Light are revealed?

All we can say is that it is a blessing to find this path within yourself.

Energy therapies:

contribute to this pure, higher purpose of yours by unblocking your energy chakras from what is holding you back from letting go of the natural, vibrant and inexhaustible flow of life.

Whichever treatment you choose works in addition to either the medication you are taking or your psychotherapy session. No medications are provided.


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