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Toxic environment: Tips to protect yourself energetically

In 2018, the word “toxic-h” was declared the “Word of the Year” by Oxford, due to the increase in the use of the word on a global level.

Think about how often we hear or say that “This is a toxic person”, that “A work environment is toxic” and so on.

But what does it mean when we say “toxic”? We mean a person who absorbs the positive energy of another, who often creates unpleasant situations and problems with his behaviour, and who brings tension wherever he is. The toxic person will try to put you down, control you, and is always right in every conflict.

And if a cuckoo doesn’t bring spring, a toxic person is enough to spoil the mood for many.

A toxic environment is one where when you enter, you feel short of breath, your energy shrinks, you feel weaker, your mood is low, and you may feel sudden anxiety or fear, or intense flight tendencies.

In a toxic environment, it’s natural to not feel comfortable and happy, which is why you usually try to avoid it if you can.

But what if you can’t? If it’s your work environment and you can’t quit, or if it’s your close family environment that you have to see?

Arm your energy with the following tips


  1. If you can quit, do it without a second thought

If you can afford to quit, do it. Because it’s only a matter of time before a toxic work environment takes its toll on you, with bad words whispered behind smiles, passive-aggressive treatment, derogatory glances that “seemed” you, snaps that only you heard and stabbings that drew no blood and nobody saw . But, you feel all this very normally and it affects you psychologically much more than you think. If you didn’t know, a new word has come out specifically for this workplace bullying, the word mobbing.

  1. Choose, as much as possible, the people you have next to you

There are some faces that you cannot avoid, such as e.g. your mother. If your mother is “toxic”, you surely already know it and you have found for many years how to avoid her and not listen to what she tells you.

But if your girlfriend or partner is “toxic” and their behaviour often gets you down, maybe it’s time to make better choices that will light up your life and support you energetically?

  1. Boost your own energy with positive affirmations

Take some time each day to make positive statements that will strengthen your thoughts and feelings.

Say out loud, as many times as necessary, to feel them in your energy:

  • “I feel the light inside me”
  • “I offer love, I receive love”
  • “I tune into the tranquility of the universe”

Create your own positive statement that expresses you in the present phase.

If you often have to go to an environment where you don’t feel well, get a mug with a message that will charge you positively, or write the message you want on a post-it so that you can see it and remember to keep your good mood. “Smile, it makes toxic people worry!”

  1. Choose energy crystals that keep negative energy away

Create a necklace or bracelet with crystals that fill you with positive energy and protect you from the evil eye.

If you prefer your power to be more secret, always have an energy crystal with you in your bag or purse and whenever you feel the situation is particularly “toxic” keep it in your hand to refresh your energy. Find more about Crystal Healing.

  1. Create a coloured shield of protection, through meditation

At night, before you go to sleep or just before you go out to go somewhere, do even ten minutes of meditation. Close your eyes, hold, if you like, an energy crystal in your hand, and imagine whatever colour makes you feel safest lighting up your energy body all around.

If you sleep with this feeling in the morning you will have an almighty shield of colour and protection around you. But even a little while before, you can shield yourself enough to deal with it in your own super holistic way – positive thinking, positive emotions, heightened energy – whatever it takes, no matter how toxic.

  1. Set your boundaries

The joy of toxic people is to drain your energy. The joy is yours in managing the boundaries between you properly, saying NO whenever you can and keeping the necessary distances to better manage your mood, time and energy. In general, take your own measures, as you would for any problem.

  1. Laugh often

Nothing banishes evil and darkness more than laughter. Not the ironic kind that adds to the toxic environment, but the real, uncontrollable kind that makes the eyes weep, the heart pound and the stomach churn. Hang out with people who make you laugh, watch comedies, play pillow fights, do things that remind you that life is good and don’t take yourself or others so serious.

  1. Pick your battles

Don’t get involved in their toxic game. Leave moments unanswered, tensions unquenched, games without a teammate. You don’t have to take part. If you don’t create the right drama for them, they will go elsewhere to create problems.

  1. Adopt new good habits

If you are exhausted, it is more difficult to resist the dangers of a toxic environment.

Take care of your diet for strength from within and exercise regularly for healthy relaxation. Good self-care habits give you a positive attitude and real energy, throughout the day, so you can face everything and everyone.

  1. Clear your energy and the energy of your space often

Shower or swim often. The water completely rejuvenates you by taking away the negative energy.

Place energy crystals in your spaces to protect you.

Light sticks, which will perfume the space and renew its energy.

Use instruments such as the gog, which changes the vibrations of the space.

Do energy treatments, such as Pranic Healing, which cleanses you of blackheads, balances your chakras and positively recharges you.

Come to meet.

Energy Healing – Your Growth Guide

All problems in our lives can be solved, no matter how many toxic people they involve.

Come and address them holistically, through alternative energy therapies, which remove tension, anger and fear from your body, spirit and soul and create a new positive energy within you.

We balance your chakras, strengthening the points that need the most care and releasing excess energy.

Against everything toxic, we promote the holistic way of life, where love, light and tranquility reign supreme. And light always wins over darkness.

Any energy treatment you choose works in addition to seeing a psychotherapist or taking medication for a health problem. No medications are provided.



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