Are you afraid of happiness?

The best wish we can ever give to someone, besides being healthy, is to be happy. Happiness means good fortune, so it describes the condition where one has everything that desires in life, with differences to what that means for each person. Happiness seems to be the ideal state of life for everyone. Why then it feels so scary for so many people?

Human nature is more accustomed to a path full of obstacles and difficulties. When a person feels happy, it scares him!

Why does this happen?

First of all, because one is afraid of losing what makes him feel happy. If someone is in love, he is afraid of losing the object of his love. If someone has been promoted to a better position, he fears that he may not be able to cope with the new responsibilities. If someone wins a lot of money, he is afraid that it will be stolen from him.

From the moment one person feels happy, at the same time insecurity and anxiety begin that he will lose that incredible feeling and then… he loses it! Furthermore, one’s happiness can cause the intense negative attention, envy and malice of others.

Unfortunately in our society, even if someone answers the question “what do you do?” with the simple answer “I’m fine”, immediately attracts attention, as if he has solved all the problems of his life, differing himself from everyone else’s agony.

Therefore, people prefer to answer with phrases like “I try!” or “Let’s say, I am well” that do not cause jealous looks or the “eye”.

What is the “eye”? It is the negative energy, the envy of others about something good that we have and enjoy in our lives.

What is happiness?

Happiness may be moments, as most people say, or a more stable psychological state for all those who appreciate the good things that life provides them.

Sometimes, we may be happy and not even recognize it! What do we mean? Maybe you have everything you desire at this moment of your life, and you have not realized it carried away by the generally bad emotional state of the people around you.

So, if you want to discover your own relationship with happiness, answer with honesty the following questions:

  • Are you healthy?
  • Do you love someone? Do you feel loved by someone?
  • Do you live in a warm, beautiful house?
  • Do you feel creative at your work?
  • Do you have hobbies that relax you?
  • Are you dreaming?
  • Are you already happy and you do not recognize it?
  • How do you feel about your happiness? Do you feel afraid or happy?

Happiness may be moments, as many people say, but it can also be a more stable state of mind, when you enjoy a life that suits your wants and values.

With Life Coaching we discover together the best path for you, the one that leads to your personal happiness, without fear, but very consciously, with passion and duration.

If luck acts in favour of the bold people, good fortune certainly favors the happy people, those who are full of positive energy. Even if they, sometimes, need to turn around three times, according to Greek tradition, in order to avoid the evil “eye”!

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