Manager or Micromanager?

In recent years, there has been a lot of discussion about how managers should treat their employees so that they are always happy and productive.

Nevertheless, the micromanagement style remains quite prevalent in workplaces.

What does micromanagement mean?

When the manager is always on top of his employees, he doesn’t delegate many tasks to others, intervenes, checks everything, fixes everything, gives strict instructions on exactly how every process should be done and if something is done slightly differently, he shouts in front of everyone.

He generally does not allow his employees any freedom, because deep down he believes that no one can do the job as perfectly as he does, that is, he considers all his employees useless. That is why, after all, he rarely rewards anyone.

Why, while so negative, is this management style still prevalent?

  • Because this type of managers create trust in companies with their obsession with work and detail.
  • Because perfectionism is considered by many to be a quality, while it creates many problems in matters of cooperation and leadership.
  • Because they bring short-term good results.

However, the long-term results of this tactic are pure disaster. Some of them are:

  • reduction in productivity 
  • a climate of mistrust and fear
  • lack of innovative ideas
  • flight of talented employees

Steve Jobs once said that “It’s useless to hire smart people and then stand over them to tell them exactly what to do.”

Do you recognize yourself in these characteristics? How much of a micromanager are you?

Do you corset every employee until a job is gone and you’re never, ever completely satisfied?

Deep inside, you think this is the only effective way to manage, and yet it hides a lot of insecurity on your part, which is why it creates the corresponding climate.

Have you ever thought that behind such a strict way of management there is a lot of fear? You essentially manage this way because:

  • You lack confidence in yourself and others
  • You have a special need for control, you are a control freak
  • Deep down, you feel like a victim all the time. You feel that in the end you are doing everything and no one is listening to you
  • You feel constantly tired and unhappy

As much as you feel that if it’s not you, everything will go wrong, try to do an honest self-criticism, however difficult it may be for you.

Admit it if you do push work situations more than necessary.

Notice if you do it every day in all situations, or if certain people or circumstances bring out the worst in you.

You were definitely not born a manager. Did some of your old bosses micromanage you and you followed this type of management pattern? Remember how difficult and unpleasant it was for you to work with them.


Find the motivation for change within yourself.

Let’s make this difference together. The Business Coaching service has been created to lay new foundations in your leadership style, improving the productivity and the climate of the company where you are a manager.

First of all, we will look at your own limiting perceptions and how they are projected as strength while revealing your weakness.

With the Business Coaching service, you will discover more creative ways of leadership and collaboration, where freedom and trust will be the basic conditions of working coexistence, because this freedom and confidence will arise from you.

The result will surprise you.

  • You will have more energy, since you will delegate more work to others
  • You will suffer less from stress
  • You will want to reward your employees more often
  • You will see tangible results in the mood and productivity of your employees. The work climate will change immediately and become much more positive.
  • Your employees will work more pleasantly and productively, bring new ideas, trust and value you in turn more.

As you will show your best self, so they in turn will show you their best self.

Because, now they will work without pressure, without tension, without fear, but with creativity, joy, a sense of responsibility, freedom and satisfaction.

Let’s work together to turn micromanagement into a “megamanagent” in order to get the results you want, without having to yell ever again!

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