Happy Professionals, Successful Professionals

When we think of what makes of a Good Professional we usually think of the following qualities: ​​consistency, responsibility, reliability, being good at his job, formal and efficient.

We rarely think of his happy mentality as a conscious measure of our choice.

Subconsciously, however, if we have to choose between two good professionals, one of whom is “sour” and the other one is pleasant, who will we eventually choose? The pleasant one of course!

Happy professionals are basically happy because they are doing the work they love, so they usually spend a lot more time on it, even during their free time.

According to researches happy professionals are easier to work with, more efficient at work, more willing to share their knowledge and more interested in delivering a good result.

Not out of fear of losing their job, but out of a genuine and human interest, which they show in every interaction with others whether they are partners or just friends.

They also manage others better, because they really care about their employees and together they find the best solutions for their problems.

However, they are very well rewarded for this attitude as they enjoy the high productivity and dedication of their employees.


Also, as genuine leaders, they have more self-confidence because they handle every process in a more friendly and enthusiastic atmosphere, without rivalries and intrigues. They don’t keep looking behind them, lest someone dig their hole.

They have confidence in themselves and others. They feel less stressed, because they see problems, not as obstacles, but as the most interesting challenges.

Happy professionals are attractive professionals.

Everyone wants to work with them, work for them, learn from them, because the way they work makes their work much more attractive to others.

As a natural result, happy professionals tend to earn more money, so they tend to be successful professionals.

Who would have thought that joy would play such a great role in work and success?

Work is already one of the most important factors of satisfaction for every human being. Imagine someone doing the job they love, with pleasure.

The phrase “Choose a job you love and you won’t have to work a day”, usually attributed to Confucius, speaks of the joy of work in excess. It is not the case that if someone chooses the job he loves, he will not work a single day, rather the opposite is true. Ηe will work much more, but he’ll be happy to do it, so it won’t feel like work.

This does not mean, of course, that if someone has a more closed, introverted character, he cannot be an excellent, successful professional, respected and appreciated by all.

We would simply say that joy is a comparative advantage in the market, which few take into serious account.

  • How do you feel when you work?
  • Do you think others enjoy working with you?
  • Do you think that you are good at collaborations?
  • Do you create or contribute to a positive work climate?
  • Do you care about good human interaction in every business relationship of yours?
  • Do you invest in long-term professional relationships of trust, appreciation and friendship?

The Business Coaching service is provided to create together a more creative and happier path to success. Come, whether you are a freelancer or an entrepreneur, and let’s talk in person about how your workplace can be a more pleasant and more efficient place for you and others.

Because the best result of any work is the one that makes everyone happy.

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