Get into the Flow Zone

When you enter Flow Zone you understand it, because it’s like there is no time at all. You are in a zone, where you feel completely focused, relaxed, creative, which is why you are completely effective.

You can usually achieve getting into a Flow Zone when you’re doing something you love and are good at. That is why you work so pleasantly, quickly and efficiently, that it is as if you are not working.

What are the appropriate conditions, though, that help you enter the Flow Zone more easily:

  • Feel good mentally and physically

First of all, it will be better if you have your basic needs covered, so that you don’t feel hungry or thirsty during your work. Also, it will be better if you don’t feel physical pain anywhere and if you feel already calm. Although when you manage to get into Flow Zone, you will instantly relax and forget about everything else!

  • Choose the perfect time for you

There are people who work better at dawn and others who prefer the quiet hours of the night. If you have the possibility, choose the time where you prefer doing your work, so that you feel your energy high and perform even better.

  • The work should be an interesting challenge for you

The more interesting the task is to you, the more you will look forward to diving into it. It may have an interesting subject, or it may offer you many benefits, or it may be a combination of all of them. Certainly, however, your motivation plays an important role.

  • Have a clear working goal

Make a plan, a structure of your work process. Do you want to start by doing some research and then build on it or do you prefer to jump straight into it? What is the specific goal you wish to achieve with its completion? Evaluate the necessary elements that should be included in your work e.g. creativity, originality, reliability.

  • Remove any unwanted distractions

If you work from home, let your family know that you will be off for some time. Close the curtains if there is a lot of movement in the houses across the street. If you are in a workplace, together with others, let them know that you will be unavailable for some time. If possible, turn off your phone so there are no distractions. Do whatever you think is necessary to feel completely undistracted and ready to tackle your work. Some people find music very helpful, as it gives them rhythm. You know better.

  • Create the ideal work environment for you

It is important not to constantly get up to search for one tool of your work or another. Prepare your workspace so you have everything you need and for your inspiration. Any kind of inspiration helps getting in the Flow Zone.

  • Exclude other activities

Avoid multi-tasking if you want to enter the Flow Zone. How focused and relaxed can you feel if you are doing 50 things all at once? Getting into the Flow Zone requires your unwavering dedication. Your total dedication is the one that will make you forget about the watch, even when it’s right in front of you.

Being in a Flow Zone is great both at work and in every other area of ​​your life. It means that you are present, that you live in the here and now.

Our services (Life Coaching, Business Coaching, Holistic Health Coaching) and our energy treatments help you live more consciously in every moment. Come and you’ll surely get quickly into the Flow Zone!

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