The entities of an invisible world, next to us

There is the visible world, the one we see with our eyes.

At the same time, there is also the invisible world that is visible only to people who train spirituality and expand their vision beyond the visible.

Animals prove to be more receptive to the sounds of invisible beings, sensing their presence in a space.

We will talk about the different entities, which remain invisible to the common eye. But, they are manifested in the eyes of the soul, which is prepared morally and spiritually.

Those we love never leave us

The first invisible beings we will mention are the ones most familiar to us: the souls of our loved ones who have passed away.

According to the religion, once the soul leaves the body, it feels sadness leaving its own people. This sorrowful soul is picked up by the angels and taken to the places where he lived and did some good. The 40-day commemoration takes place because for 40 days the soul accompanied by the angels passes through both Hell and Heaven.

In this journey, the soul is accompanied by the angels and hindered by the publicans, who are demons whose only goal is to prevent the soul from reaching Heaven. In the 40th day, God decides where the soul will settle, in Hell or Heaven.

There are Latin American countries, such as Mexico, where death is treated very differently from how mourning is treated in Greece. In Mexico, on November 1st or 2nd, they celebrate Dia de los Muertos, the Day of the Dead, that is, the transient return of their dead loved ones to earth.

In these countries, it seems that only a very thin, transparent line separates the people in this world from the souls in the other world.

Regardless of our religion and geographical traditions, all of us when we have lost loved ones feel that contact with them has not been completely lost. Sometimes we hear their voice, or feel a gentle touch pass like a wind over our shoulder, meet them or receive their messages in the dream dimension. Not everything is explained, but love is not wrong or lost, it just works in another dimension.

Angels and Devils

“I believe in one God, Father Almighty, poet of heaven and earth, of all things visible and invisible”

It is said that God created the Angels before the world and man. According to Saint John the Damascene, an angel is a “mental, immobile, free-willed, incorporeal nature”

Angels are the mediators between humans and God. They are more reasonable than men, but they do not touch the majesty of God.

They also have their own will, so they can do good, but also turn to evil, like the fallen angel Lucifer who became the devil.

The orders of Angels, after the rebellion against God of the 10th order, that is Lucifer, are 9: Angels, Archangels, Principalities, Powers, Dominions, Powers, Thrones, Cherubim and Seraphim.

On November 8, these heavenly, holy orders and the Synaxis of the Archangels Michael and Gabriel are celebrated.

Angels praise God and protect man. Each person is considered to have their own, personal Guardian Angel.

By the same logic, however, every person has his own, personal devil that troubles him. Usually, we identify this devil with wicked, evil thoughts and actions, since he represents the spirit of evil.

Devas or Angels of Nature, Elves, Elemental Realm

Made of air, fire, earth and water, the elemental realm is an invisible, magical realm as old as the planet itself. He was born with it and is responsible for every form of existence on the planet, be it the leaves of a tree or the waters of a river.

According to the traditions of many indigenous tribes, elemental entities, such as elves, offer man protection, since nature is the great God.

Deva means radiant, and there are countless of these radiant, ethereal beings who care for the balance on our planet.

Elves are usually presented as happy and carefree, while some of them can be mischievous, almost teasing, according to some legends.

Northern European countries believe in elves and have created many traditions around them.

So, the next time you visit a waterfall, close your eyes and feel the energy. It could be a fairy sitting on your shoulders or an elf giving you its message.

The Curse of the Tombs of the Pharaohs

It is thought that magicians and Priests knew how to create from the elemental substance, the substance of which the upper worlds are made, the Elemental Guardians that would harm anyone who tried to desecrate the tombs of the Pharaohs.

This is what we mean when we talk about the curse of the tombs of the Pharaohs.  As strange as it sounds to be true, who really dares mess with it?


We’ve all seen movies where ghosts, sometimes nice and sometimes scary, inhabit homes and frighten their young, usually naive residents.

But have you personally ever felt the chills of an eerie presence in a space?

Neuroscientist Peter Brugger, who works at the University of Zurich, argues that people see ghosts as hallucinations, due to some brain damage, or particularly strong emotions.

Brugger confirmed his research in an experiment with 8 top climbers, who when they reached an altitude of 27,000 feet, without supplemental oxygen, felt invisible presences, and experienced out-of-body experiences beyond mere logic.

In a world where there are ghost clubs at the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge, and amateur ghost hunters are constantly on the hunt for ghosts with scientific equipment such as infrared cameras, it’s almost impossible not to freak out when a door suddenly closes without a single draft air in the atmosphere.

Thought forms

Each person creates with his thoughts and feelings, what we call thought forms. The more intense his thoughts are, and the longer they last, the more likely they are to acquire a form, an entity, that is why they are called thought forms. They can be positive or negative depending on the quality of the person’s thoughts. Negative mindsets can create phobias, bad behaviours and addictions in humans and  seriously damage their lives. If a negative thought form is strong, it can materialize even in the visible world. The thought forms that are created by intense thoughts of dislike, jealousy, and hatred against other people, actually reside in the person who makes them, poisoning his own aura, and not that of others.

We are responsible for the thought patterns we create with our thoughts and reinforce with our feelings, because sooner or later we will somehow pay for their consequences in our lives.

Through meditation, we can identify our sometimes persistent thoughts and clear them before they become thoughtforms, while also sending positive energy to other people.

The invisible world of the future may be visible

The more people engage with their energy, the more they discover within themselves the keys that unlock their spiritual potential.

Perhaps what is now invisible to us, in the future will be more visible to us and we will have the open consciousness that will allow us to co-exist with these entities, as we co-exist with our family.


In modern times we have understood that we are more than what we see, that the mysterious world that surrounds us is much more than we can perceive until now.

By enhancing our energy, through energy treatments, in addition to feeling centered and feeling joy and strength, we broaden our perspective on the world, opening the invisible eyes of our soul.

Whichever energy therapy you choose works in addition to psychotherapy or medication. No medications are provided.



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