Kundalini Reiki Ultimate


Kundalini Reiki Ultimate attunement (remote or up close). Includes the manual, a pre-initiation Reiki treatment, and 1 month of email support.


Initiation to Kundalini Reiki Ultimate (remote or up close). Includes the manual, a pre-initiation Reiki treatment, and 1 month of email support.

Reiki is a healing technique that promotes holistic healing. It is based on the idea that life energy (ki/chi/prana) flows through us and that this energy can be channeled to support the body’s natural healing.

Kundalini Reiki (Ultimate)

Vesion: 2023

Kundalini Reiki was created as a Reiki system by Ole Gabrielsen. It gently awakens the Kundalini energy at the base of the spine, channeling it through the chakras to achieve deep healing and spiritual growth. It is particularly beneficial for:

  • Strengthening the spiritual connection
  • Releasing energy blockages
  • Improving vitality and strength
  • Promoting deep emotional healing
  • Past lives (karma)
  • Birth trauma, DNA, crystal deposits due to emotional trauma, karmic ties
  • Attunement of objects/crystals to channels of Kundalini Reiki

Kundalini Reiki Ultimate energy combines the divine energy of traditional Reiki with Kundalini energy, making it more powerful than “simple” Reiki.

It also includes initiations into:

Balance, Diamond Reiki, Crystalline Reiki, DNA Reiki, Birth trauma Reiki, Location Reiki, Past Life Reiki.


The combined benefits of the KUNDALINI REIKI® ULTIMATE system: 

◉ THE SAFEST KUNDALINI AWAKENING – The awakening of Kundalini energy offers a profound journey of self-discovery and spiritual elevation, enveloping one in an embrace of heightened consciousness and inner harmony. This transformative ascent fosters a deeper connection to one’s true essence, illuminating the path to wholeness and boundless inner peace.

◉ ENHANCED ENERGY FLOW – KUNDALINI REIKI® ULTIMATE works by awakening and aligning the dormant Kundalini energy at the base of the spine. This results in an invigorated and balanced flow of energy throughout the body, helping you feel more alive and vibrant.

◉ DEEP RELAXATION – Like other forms of Reiki, KUNDALINI REIKI® ULTIMATE offers deep relaxation. This relaxation helps combat stress, anxiety, and tension, paving the way for inner peace and mental clarity.

◉ EMOTIONAL HEALING – KUNDALINI REIKI® ULTIMATE aids in healing emotional wounds, whether they stem from past traumas or recent events. It offers solace and provides tools to confront and heal these emotional scars.

◉ PHYSICAL HEALING – This form of Reiki can also promote physical healing by channeling the energy into the body, assisting in the healing of ailments and enhancing overall health.

◉ STRENGTHENED INTUITION – Tapping into the Kundalini energy can heighten one’s intuition. This enhanced intuitive sense can guide you in making decisions that align with your true self and purpose.

◉ ENHANCED SPIRITUAL GROWTH – KUNDALINI REIKI® ULTIMATE serves as a pathway for spiritual awakening and growth. It can deepen one’s connection to the universe, providing insights into the nature of the self and the cosmos.

◉ BALANCED CHAKRAS – Kundalini energy works directly with the chakra system. Through KUNDALINI REIKI® ULTIMATE, your chakras are cleansed, balanced, and aligned, ensuring that life force energy flows harmoniously within.

◉ CONNECTION TO HIGHER SELF – As you delve deeper into the practice of KUNDALINI REIKI® ULTIMATE, you’ll find yourself more connected to your higher self. This connection facilitates personal growth, self-understanding, and an enriched sense of purpose.

◉ CREATIVITY BOOST – With balanced energy and a clearer mind, many practitioners find a boost in their creative abilities. Whether it’s work, writing, painting, or any other creative endeavor, KUNDALINI REIKI® ULTIMATE can act as a catalyst.

◉ UNIVERSAL LOVE AND COMPASSION – As you practice and internalize the teachings of KUNDALINI REIKI® ULTIMATE, you’ll find yourself enveloped in a cocoon of universal love and compassion, not just for yourself but for all beings.

◉ STAND-ALONE HEALING SYSTEM – This Reiki offers the embrace of a holistic approach, tailored to meet individual needs and journeys. Its independent nature nurtures the soul, ensuring that one finds harmony, balance, healing and transformation. 

◉ EASY-TO-USE HEALING SYSTEM – KUNDALINI REIKI® ULTIMATE offers straightforward paths to wellness and balance. Its simplicity invites all, making healing accessible and nurturing. 

◉ NO PREREQUISITE HEALING SYSTEM – This Reiki welcomes every soul with open arms, ensuring that the gift of healing and transformation is accessible to all, irrespective of their past experiences or knowledge. 

◉ GOOD FOR BEGINNERS AND EXPERIENCED HEALERS – KUNDALINI REIKI® ULTIMATE healing system offers a nurturing pathway for newcomers and deepens the journey for the adept. It’s a harmonious dance of foundational learning and advanced exploration, ensuring everyone finds their rhythm in the world of healing.



 THE MOST POWERFUL UPGRADE EVER – Dive deep into the most profound upgrade of KUNDALINI REIKI®. This potent enhancement of energy is going to surround you in healing warmth and deep transformation stronger than before. 

◈ SWIFT EFFICACY – We’ve found this upgrade to be the fastest and most effective yet in achieving results across various topics, coupled with efficient transformative effects. 

◈ QUEST FOR THE SELF AND EMPOWERMENT FOR ALL – Every upgrade carries its own unique universal message, which is what distinguishes each one, although the essence remains consistent. Just as before, you’re being presented to the efficient and powerful KUNDALINI REIKI®. However, staying current with the times is the responsibility of every energy system: to address universal challenges in an updated manner. 

◈ CRAFTING THE FUTURE – Living in the present moment has always been the key to peace and depth. Yet, with this recent energy update, there’s a newfound emphasis on looking towards the future in a meaningful way. Our aspiration is to enhance our present world so that future generations can experience an even better “now.”

◈ UNIVERSAL BEACON – This time, the energy upgrade emphasizes not just on powerful transformation and enhancing personal potential, but also beautifully encompasses work on every facet of our lives: spiritual, emotional, business, health, and material realms.

◈ NEW COMPREHENSIVE MANUAL – In receiving this upgrade, we recognized that it merited a more detailed and contemporary manual than what you might be accustomed to. With gratitude to our spiritual guides, we were inspired to create an online book – THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO KUNDALINI REIKI©, that perfectly balances depth and accessibility. With a newly revised 130+ pages downloadable book, you have ample information at your fingertips!

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kundalini reiki ultimateKundalini Reiki Ultimate
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