Crystal Clusters Reiki


This Reiki includes attunements to 3 different crystal clusters: Amethyst crystal cluster, Kundalini citrine cluster and Anandalite crystal cluster.


Founder: Karolos Tsiligkirian (2024)


Crystals are amazing, and crystal clusters are even more powerful! This is a new and simple reiki modality that will help you leverage the power of crystal clusters in your life.

This Reiki includes attunements to 3 different crystal clusters:

  • Amethyst crystal cluster
  • Kundalini citrine cluster
  • Anandalite crystal cluster

Clusters are communities of many crystals working together in harmony. They provide a very harmonious sweet energy.

Amethyst can help your immune system, improve your sleep quality, reduce pains and inflammation. It strengthens your intuition and psychic abilities. I will help you become calmer and expand your awareness.

Kundalini Citrine is a wonderful crystal full of happy, energetic yang vibrations. Most citrine in the market is heated amethyst, and not natural citrine which is more expensive. Kundalini citrine is a natural citrine from Kongo. It is one of the most admired types of Citrine, because of its properties. It bosts your lower 3 chakras, helps with grounding, your creativity, and your self confidence. It can also help you gradually awaken your Kundalini energy (hence the name). It brings happiness and abundance energy. It helps manifesting your desires.

Anandalite is a type of white quartz crystal. It is higher vibration than typical quartz, and has a beautiful rainbow color sparkle. Anandalite is the premier stone for awakening the kundalini energy in a powerful but safe way on the path to enlightenment. It stimulates spiritual awakening, psychic abilities, past-life memories, and creative expression. As a healing crystal it clears blockages in the chakra and meridian systems, fills the cells with spiritual Light and dispells destructive patterns and activates ones Divine blueprint. It is a very balanced energy that helps all the chakras.

When you receive this attunement you will be able to use these wonderful energies to improve your life. You can also use this Reiki for other people to help them heal (after receiving permission).

Manual and certification included.

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