Full Chakra Set Small Orgonite Pyramids


Support and heal all your chakras while making your enviroment more beautiful!

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A full orgonite pyramid set for each chakra set in a highly practical and adorable set. The orgonite pyramid height is 5cm (2 inches).

Materials Used:

Every orgonite is handmade by me. All materials are cleansed before use. I use pranic healing to charge every orgonite with positive energy. The orgonites are kept in a highly energised area until the resin sets. All these are crucial to get an orgonite that really works for you.

  • Epoxy resin (not polyester)
  • Aluminium, copper and brass
  • Energy crystals different for each chakra pyramid
  • Selenite
  • Pure brass or copper beads


For the higher good of the chakras

How to use:

Just put them it in your space.

You can also meditate with each pyramid, while holding it in yor hands. You can also lie down, close your eyes and put each pyramid on top of the responding chakra (red pyramin on top of base chakra, orange on top of sacral, yellow on top of solar plexus, green on top of heart, blue on top or near throat, violet between brows, silver above head). Let them heal you and do their magic 😉

After each session, clean them with salt (30′), rinse them with water, and then let them in the sun for 30′.

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Awakening, Balance, Beauty, Energising, Grounding, Intuition


1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, All

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Full Chakra Set Small Orgonite Pyramids
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