Clear Mind Orgonite (also reduces headaches)


If you want to have a sharp mind without any brain fog and headaches this is the orgonite for you.

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Do you want to have a sharp mind?

If you want to get rid of headaches and brain fog this is the orgonite for you.

It will help unblock the energy blockages in your mind and increase your brain power.

Just keep it in your pocket on in your left hand for at least 10′. You will be amazed!

Disclaimer: If you have frequent headaches and brain fog consult a professional. This is not a substitute. It will greatly support your brain to heal itself and regain balance.

Materials Used:

Every orgonite is handmade by me. All materials are cleansed before use. I use pranic healing to charge every orgonite with positive energy. The orgonites are kept in a highly energised area until the resin sets. All these are crucial to get an orgonite that really works for you.

  • Epoxy resin
  • A special mix of aluminium, copper and brass in different densities
  • Lapis lazuli, amethyst, fluorite, herkimer diamond, smoly quartz, moonstone, rose quartz, tourmaline
  • Selenite


  • Mind energy, reduce headaches and brain fog

How to use:

  • Hold it in your hand for 10′-20′ to help you reduce headache or brain fog
  • If you want to increase its effects keep it for 2′ a finger length away from your 3rd eye with the intention to help you. Do the same at the left, right, top and back of your head
  • Afterwards cover the orgonite with salt for 15′-30′ to remove the dirty energy, and then clean it with running water. If you feel any intense pain stop immediately
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Clearing, Energising, Grounding, Intuition, Relaxation



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Clear Mind Orgonite (also reduces headaches)
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