PHOENIX REIKI™ – Unleashing Potential and Bravery, Shedding Old Self, and Embracing Transformation and Rebirth


Founder: Marijana Gabrielsen (March 2024)


L Start a transformative journey with PHOENIX REIKI™, a revolutionary healing system that combines the wisdom of Reiki with the transformative power of a unique purple-red ray. This innovative approach is designed to burn away the remnants of your former self and old habits that no longer serve you, making room for the new and extraordinary. Imagine a system that targets only what is unbeneficial, preserving the essence of who you are while preparing you for the exciting times ahead! 

The essence of PHOENIX REIKI™ corresponds to the legendary phoenix, a symbol of rebirth and renewal, rising from its ashes with the spirit of a warrior and a revolutionary heart. It’s an awakening, not just of the body, but of the soul, lighting the Kundalini fire within and moving you towards your fullest potential.

PHOENIX REIKI™ is a call to those who dare to rise from the ashes of their past selves. It’s a potent tool for the brave, signaling a significant shift towards breaking free from the chains of unbeneficial habits and stepping into a realm of endless possibilities. This modality doesn’t just offer healing; it offers a rebirth, inviting you to shed your old skin numerous times until you unveil the best version of yourself. It’s a journey of continuous reincarnation within a single lifetime, a path of achieving one’s highest potential and reaching the power of self-transformation. With PHOENIX REIKI™ you’re undergoing a profound metamorphosis, preparing to embrace a life that’s in full alignment with your truest self.

PHOENIX REIKI™ is more than a healing modality; it’s an intimate experience of renewal and purification. The intense heat and burning sensation felt during sessions are the marks of deep, internal change, similar to the phoenix’s flames cleansing and rejuvenating from within. Whether you seek a brief escape or a longer retreat into self-discovery, PHOENIX REIKI™ adapts to your spiritual needs, offering a sanctuary for transformation. This practice doesn’t just benefit the individual; it radiates outward, preparing you to carry forward the warrior spirit, rejuvenated and ready to share your light with the world. PHOENIX REIKI™ is not only a journey of self-improvement but a passage to rediscovering your essence, reborn and resonating with the cycles of life and transformation.

The combined benefits of PHOENIX REIKI™:

🔥 PHOENIX REIKI™ burns away what no longer serves you, making space for new growth and positive change

🔥 It taps into the transformative power of the purple-red ray, fostering a profound internal awakening

🔥 This unique system cultivates bravery, encouraging you to embrace significant changes with confidence

🔥 By targeting only what is unbeneficial, it preserves your essence, allowing your true self to flourish

🔥 PHOENIX REIKI™ aids in the awakening of the Kundalini fire, unlocking your full potential and energy flow

🔥 It supports a process of rebirth within a single lifetime, offering you the chance to continuously evolve

🔥 This modality redefines reincarnation, encouraging present-moment rebirth towards your best self

🔥 PHOENIX REIKI™ induces intense healing sessions that cleanse deeply, leaving you refreshed and rejuvenated

🔥 It emphasizes self-care post-session, promoting hydration and relaxation to aid the purification process

🔥 This healing journey not only improves oneself but also prepares you to share your renewed spirit with others

Including a manual and a beautiful certificate!

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