Gold Reiki Ultimate


Gold Reiki Ultimate attunement (remote or up close). It requires you to be initiated into Kundalini Reiki (see corresponding initiation).


Version: 2024

Initiation to Gold Reiki Ultimate (remote or up close). It requires you to be initiated into Kundalini Reiki (see corresponding initiation).

Includes the manual, a pre-initiation Reiki treatment, and 1 month of email support.

Gold Reiki transmutes fear and darkness into light and joy. Golden Light is the strongest light of transformation in the physical universe and beyond. There are three attunement levels for Gold Reiki and they are given in a single attunement. Gold Reiki was founded by Ole Gabrielsen.


Some of the benefits of the GOLD REIKI™ ULTIMATE system: 

◉ TRANSFORMING FEAR INTO PEACE – GOLD REIKI™ ULTIMATE shines a light on our inner fears, transforming them into a serene sense of peace. This alchemical change is at the heart of this system, guiding you to a state of tranquility and security.

◉ TRANSFORMING NEGATIVITY – In the world of GOLD REIKI™ ULTIMATE, negative energy is not a foe but an opportunity for transformation. This practice empowers you to turn negative thoughts and feelings into positive, life-affirming energies.

◉ PURIFICATION – Just as gold is refined to reveal its true beauty, GOLD REIKI™ ULTIMATE purifies your energy field. It acts as a spiritual detox, clearing away impurities to reveal your true, radiant self.

◉ ENERGY PROTECTION – GOLD REIKI™ ULTIMATE creates a protective golden aura around you. This luminous shield safeguards your energy, ensuring that you are protected from external negativity.

◉ HEALING OF THE PHYSICAL BODY – Like a gentle, golden rain, GOLD REIKI™ ULTIMATE touches and heals the physical body. It nurtures and revitalizes, aiding in the recovery and maintenance of physical well-being.

◉ ENERGIZING WATER AND ESSENTIAL OILS – Infuse your daily life with the magic of GOLD REIKI™ energy. Energize your water and essential oils, turning them into a source of healing and rejuvenation.

◉ CHARGING CRYSTALS – Amplify the natural power of crystals with GOLD REIKI™ ULTIMATE. This practice charges your crystals with golden energy, enhancing their healing properties and connecting them more deeply to your intentions.

◉ RISING VIBRATION – Elevate your spiritual frequency with GOLD REIKI™ ULTIMATE. As you practice, you’ll find yourself vibrating at a higher, more harmonious level, bringing you closer to your true spiritual essence.

◉ STAND-ALONE SYSTEM – GOLD REIKI™ ULTIMATE is a complete, holistic practice in itself. It’s a self-contained journey to healing, needing no additional systems to realize its full potential.

◉ NO PREREQUISITES – GOLD REIKI™ ULTIMATE is accessible to all, regardless of prior experience or knowledge in healing practices. It opens its golden gates to everyone seeking spiritual growth and healing.

◉ PERFECT COMPANION TO KUNDALINI REIKI® ULTIMATE – While powerful on its own, GOLD REIKI™ ULTIMATE harmonizes beautifully with KUNDALINI REIKI® ULTIMATE. Together, they offer a comprehensive healing experience, blending the grounding energy of Kundalini with the transformative power of Gold.

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Gold Reiki Ultimate
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