Full Expression Small Orgonite Pyramid (Throat Plexus)


Support and heal your throat chakra with this small orgonite pyramid.

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Are you a public speaker, a teacher, a coach, an artist? Do you want more expression and higher creativity in your life?

If you love energy tools that can support you, your family and your enviroment this is the orgonite for you.

It will help create a protective shield, purify impure energies, and energize your enviroment. You can also you it as a meditation tool to help you relax, balance your chakras, unblock your nadis, and become more aware.

Materials Used:

Every orgonite is handmade by me. All materials are cleansed before use. I use pranic healing to charge every orgonite with positive energy. The orgonites are kept in a highly energised area until the resin sets. All these are crucial to get an orgonite that really works for you.

  • Epoxy resin (not polyester)
  • Aluminium, copper and brass
  • Kyanite, amazonite, sodalite
  • Selenite
  • Pure brass beads


For the higher good of throat chakra

How to use:

You can meditate with it, while holding it in yor hands. You can also lie down, close your eyes and put it on top of your solar plexus. Let it heal you and do its magic 😉

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Beauty, Creativity, Energising, Expression



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Full Expression Small Orgonite Pyramid (Throat Plexus)
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