Divine Beauty Orgonite Pyramid


If you love energy tools that can support you, your family and your enviroment this is the orgonite for you.

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Do you want more beauty and purity in your life?

If you love energy tools that can support you, your family and your enviroment this is the orgonite for you.

It will help create a protective shield, purify impure energies, and energize your enviroment. You can also you it as a meditation tool to help you relax, balance your chakras, unblock your nadis, and become more aware.

Materials Used:

Every orgonite is handmade by me. All materials are cleansed before use. I use pranic healing to charge every orgonite with positive energy. The orgonites are kept in a highly energised area until the resin sets. All these are crucial to get an orgonite that really works for you.

  • Epoxy resin
  • Different layers of aluminium, copper and brass in different densities
  • Crystal grids in separate layers
  • Copper wrapped quartz point
  • Golden flakes


Divine beauty

How to use:

  • You can use this orgonite pyramid in meditation. For example sit down, hold it in your hands, close your eyes, breathe deeply, let go.
  • If you have a chronic pain in your body, hold the orgonite with your hand and put it on top of your problem area. If it seems working for you, keep it there for 10-20′ (afterwards cover the orgonite with salt for 15′-30′ to remove the dirty energy, and then clean it with running water). If you feel any intese pain remove it immediately. Consult your doctor before.
  • You can put it in a room to clean the clear dirty energies, and upgrade it energetically. Pyramids are best used in your living room or your office. For your bedroom opt for towerbusters or domes (something with soft curves and not angles like the pyramid).
  • If you want something even stronger for your room then do the following. Put the pyramid in the center of the room, and combine it with a set of 4 towerbusters at the corners of the room. It will help the room stay protected energetically and it will also uplift the “energy vibes”!
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Divine Beauty Orgonite Pyramid
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