YGG Towerbuster Copper


Helps create a protective energetic shield and purify negative energies.

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The orgonite recipe that started a revolution! (Inventor: Dan Croft)

Towerbusters are traditionally used to help people cope with EMF pollution.

This orgonite can be used in your home or work environment, to create a protective energetic shield and purify negative energies. You can also use it in meditation to help you open your heart chakra and your upper chakras.

It’s a medium vibrations orgonite. If you want something higher in frequency check out our aluminium, brass and aluminium-brass mix towerbusters.

Materials Used:

Every orgonite is handmade by me. All materials are cleansed before use. I use pranic healing to charge every orgonite with positive energy. The orgonites are kept in a highly energised area until the resin sets. All these are crucial to get an orgonite that really works for you.

  • Epoxy resin
  • Copper
  • Rose quartz, amethyst, selenite


Powerful for your higher good

How to use:

  • You can use the orgonite in meditation. For example put it on your left or right hand (it’s a different sensation). You can also put it on top of your chakras (solar plexus, heart, third eye)
  • If you have a chronic pain in your body, hold the orgonite with your hand and put it on top of your problem area. If it seems working for you, keep it there for 10-20′ (afterwards cover the orgonite with salt for 15′-30′ to remove the dirty energy, and then clean it with running water). If you feel any intese pain remove it immediately. Consult your doctor before.
  • You can put it in a room to clean the clear dirty energies, and upgrade it energetically
  • It will help your body deal better with EMF radiation
  • You can use a set of 4 orgonites at the corners of a room you want to protect energetically and uplift the “energy vibes”. Preferrably combine it with a bigger orgonite pyramid or dome at the center.
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Centering, Protection, Purification


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YGG Towerbuster Copper
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